S-Crafts (Sクラフト) are special crafts that consume all CP of the selected character. At least 100CP is required to use an S-Craft and their strength is boosted if used at 200CP.


S-Crafts can be used instantly, regardless of the user's placement in the turn order list. This is called 'S-Break.' S-Breaks can be highly effective when used at the right time, interrupting enemies and stealing AT bonuses that they would otherwise have received.

Unlike normal attacks, S-Crafts are not capable of guard-breaking enemies. This is also true on turns with a 'Critical' AT bonus, so determining when best to use S-Crafts and S-Breaks would prove crucial to victory.

S-Crafts and the Zero CP bonus

In the re-balanced Evolution versions of Sora no Kiseki, S-Crafts can be used regardless of CP with the 'Zero CP' AT bonus. If a character has less than 100CP, he or she cannot use S-Breaks; however, if a character has more than 100CP, he or she can use an S-Break at no additional cost.

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