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The Sachsen Iron Mine (ザクセン鉄鉱山) is a huge mine owned by the Imperial Royal Family. It is located deep in the mountains of Roer and provides much of iron and steel in the country.



The Sachsen Iron Mine is a huge mine located in the mountains of Roer. It is primarily owned by the Erebonian Royal Family, however, they also lease portions of it out to companies like the Reinford Group. The mine has supplied the Empire's iron needs for over two-hundred years. As the Emperor's federal district, the mining foundation is co-supervised by the Reinford Group and the Nortia Highway. The extracted iron ores are processed into iron, then shipped throughout the empire or used in nearby Roer.

In S.1160. a railway was built connecting the mine to Roer.

Trails of Cold Steel

In S.1204, the mine was attacked by the Imperial Liberation Front, a terrorist group who had taken the miners as hostages. It is here that Class VII confront Vulcan and C, after infiltrating the mine via some sub tunnels that provided a new entrance.

Though, the hostages were later rescued by members of Class VII, the aircraft carrying the terrorists exploded and fell out of the air with the ringleaders still on board. Their bodies were retrieved and the end of their reign of terror was announced the next day.

It was revealed that large amounts of iron ore was unaccounted for, having been appropriated by the Black Workshop under the guise of the Reinford Company's fifth development division to create Panzer Soldats

Trails of Cold Steel II

The Sachsen Iron Mine is used by the Noble Alliance to feed their war efforts through production of iron ore. Heidel Rogner, brother of Marquis Rogner and one of the board at Reinford, takes over the company and imprisons Irina Reinford on board the Eisengraf, the chancellor's personal high-speed train. The train is deck hidden away in the mines and Irina is only rescued when Class VII once again infiltrate the mine.

Trails into Reverie

It is noted once again that large amounts of iron ore is falling off the record- this time used to fuel the secret constructions of Elysium.