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Saint-Gral Labyrinth (サングラール迷宮) is a Hexen Clan training facility introduced in Trails of Cold Steel IV.

Before witches are allowed to travel, they have to prove themselves in the labyrinth.


In August of S.1206, New Class VII undergoes a rehabilitation program under Roselia's tutelage to regain their previous combat capabilities and endurance. Together with Randy, they make their way through the labyrinth. Withstanding Roselia's S Craft is the final test of their first day in the labyrinth.

After the initial trial, players can use the device in front of the labyrinth's entrance to set the labyrinth to one of four increasingly more difficult trials. At the end of the second trial awaits a Gargoyle, at the end of the third a Mega Kraken and at the end of the fourth an Arachne Graeae.


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