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Salvatore Gotch (サルバトーレ・ゴッチ) is a film director introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Salvatore is a burly man with a tanned complexion, dark blue hair and brown eyes. He has a circle beard and moustache and visibly hairy arms and legs. Salvatore wears a low cut black shirt, white capri pants and a red floral button shirt, worn loose. he also wears red sandals and a wristbands.


Salvatore is unabashed and proud of his tastes and passion for his films. He believes he can reach a level of glory and ultimate entertainment no one else is capable of. Despite his pride, he is an individual who treats others with fairness and does not discriminate based on background, caring for others' feelings. Salvatore embeds his passion and life mission into his films, for example to " liberate humanity from their restraints and unleash sexual desire". He views man as a creature that constantly desires stimulation and that unexpected surprises are the spice of life. Once he has made up his mind to do something, he never compromises. Gotch has something which he calls the '108 perfect forms of beauty' and counts Grimcats as a match with this.


Salvatore Gotch is a film director working under Gaspar Dillon at VegasFilm. His films are known for gratuitous sex and violence.

Kuro no Kiseki

When Van Arkride first meets Gotch, the director immediately takes a liking to him due to his keen insight into the way Gotch does things. Gotch is organising the Tharbad Film Festival and is searching for women to take part in his 'Foxy Parade', including Sarah. He spends time in the casinos and enlists the Arkride Solutions Office into helping him find members for the parade. he is crestfallen when Sarah goes missing and pledges to do whatever it takes to get her back for the parade. After Shahina convince shim, he agrees to let her stand in for her sister if she can reach a certain level.

Gotch presents the Film Festival, gives a speech and initiates the Foxy parade. He is the runner-up of the Grand Prix award but he claims he will not lose next time. When the parade is hijacked by Almata and drugs are used to control people, Gotch is taken captive in the Al Jumeriah hotel until Van, Grimcats and the party come to his aid. He would also ask Sarah and Shahina to guest star in one of his films.

When Creil is destroyed, Gotch wants to waste no time in making a statement in the movie world and collect donations.

Gotch is asked to come to Edith to lend a hand with staging some of the events for Revolution Day. He invites Kaela MacMillan and Esmeray Archette to star in a film but both decline. Gotch tries to work something erotic into the festival, but Judith Ranster also declines. He is invited to the party at the Bistro Montmart.

On the Revolution Day itself, Gotch travels to the Dark-Light District and has a pleasant conversation with Rion Balthazar, Kurogane and Ashrad about his films. He treats them all to lots of drinks and the topic turns to the continent's red light districts. when Pandemonium takes over the city, Gotch interjects Rion's comments about the Apocrypha and turns the topic to his own banned books and how not to judge others. Kilika Rouran decides to question him about these banned books. he is concerned for the others in the city, having taken shelter, but does think of inspiration for his next film.