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Sandy (サンディ) is a student in Class IX of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.


Sandy is born in S.1189 in Alster, Erebonia.


As the daughter of two parents who love to cook and run their own inn, Sandy grew up surrounded by food. After enrolling at Thors Branch Campus, she joined the Cooking Club. She uses the vegetable garden at the campus grounds to grow her own vegetables and fruit to use in recipes. She also runs the cafeteria in the Derfflinger during field trips.

During the Erebonian Civil War, Class VII brings a visit to Sandy's hometown,[2] for which she is very grateful for. She also adores Prince Olivert Reise Arnor, who was born and raised in the same town as she was.

The risotto of Olivert's mother, Ariel Lenheim, is one of the many recipes Sandy shared with her parents. Her best known meal is the 'Lenheim Risotto,' which is still served in her parents' inn.


Sandy joined Class IX under Instructor Towa Herschel. Her roommates in the dormitory are Valery and Tatiana. The courses she excels at in the academy are cooking class and dietetics.[1]

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

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Class IX: Military Finance (Cooking Club)
A student from a remote part of Erebonia. Her family runs a tavern there, so she grew up learning how to cook.
Head Chef
Leader of the cooking team, she prepares food during field exercises. Claims she can learn a lot from her helper, Freddy.
Legendary Recipe
Grew up in Alster, the same hometown as Prince Olivert. Turns out, a famous chef there was none other than Olivert's mother.

Sandy Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Sandy Note (Sen III).png
Class IX: Military Finance
A student from a remote part of Erebonia. Her family runs a tavern there, so she grew up learning how to cook.
Olivert was revealed to be Sandy's second cousin. She remains a huge fan of the prince and all he does for his people.
Harvest Festival
Sandy worked together with Rean and the locals on the harvest festival. Olivert came as well, and it was a huge success.

Sandy Note (Sen III).png




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