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Sarah (サァラ) also known as the Night Butterfly (夜の蝶), is a dancer living in Tharbad, introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Sarah is a young woman with a tanned complexion owing to her Middle-Eastern heritage, reddish brown hair and bright green eyes. Her hair is tied up in a bun with parts left to hang loose. She wears a green accented traditional dancing costume with light diaphanous fabrics covering her arms and legs, an exposed navel, sandals, and a green sarong around her waist.


Sarah is incredibly kind and hard working, believing she has to be kind as she is in the public eye so much. She works incredibly hard for the sake of her sister, and isn't hesitant about doing anything that will help support Shahina, but hiding it from her so as to not make her worry.


Sarah and her sister Shahina belong to a family who have been dancers for generations. They originally did not come from Calvard, but from the Middle-east. The style she uses comes from her mother. when Shahina was still young, their parents borrowed money from nasty people to make ends meet, but they died before being able to repay it. The sisters tried to flee but were caught and the debt was demanded to be repaid. Sarah could not repay this debt with the money they earnt from daily dancing, so she turned to using her body in the early days. She decided not to use the Calvard system for waiving parents debts as a way to honor her parents memory and not take the easy way out.

Kuro no Kiseki

Van Arkride and the Arkride Solutions Office meet Sarah and her sister when they stop some overbearing tourists from harassing the pair. They run into each other a few times from thereon. It is revealed by Shahina that Sarah has a boyfriend. the sisters join the female members of the party in the hot springs where they get to know them and Risette Twinings who has joined them. Sarah is asked by Salvatore Gotch to join the foxy parade at the Tharbad Film Festival, however she soon receives a threatening letter. She asks Van's help to find the culprit.

Later that night, Van and Aaron Wei search for clues, visiting Night Club Lelouche where they see Sarah working as a pole dancer. she had been working here to support herself and her sister to pay off a family debt, using the story of having a boyfriend as a cover. She tells Van her story but Grimcats accosts them and Sarah has to try and defend them. On her way to VegasFilm, Sarah is taken captive by Gaspar Dillon requiring the party to investigate and track her down to the secret floor of VegasFilm where they rescue her. Sarah decides to cede her position in the Foxy Parade to her sister while she recovers. The pair are placed in the protective custody of the Bracer Guild. When Shahina falls under the influence of the drug and Oct-Genesis at the parade, Sarah uses her own dance to bring her sister back to her senses. Thanks to their efforts, they are able to fulfil all the debts in one go.

Van and the party welcome the sisters to Edith in the Intermission. They plan on going to see an orbal movie but lose track of time and only make it when Van offers to drive them there in his truck. He dodges pursuers and takes an unorthodox route to ensure they make it there in time.

Free of their debt and now invited to star in one of Gotch's films, the sisters are invited to Edith until Revolution Day. They are invited to the party at the Montmart Bistro. Sarah and Shahina help Feri Al-Fayed with singing and dancing lessons so she can perform in a ceremony back at home in the New year. Marielle Aymé, Nina Fenly and Judith Ranster go with Sarah to a hotel spa on the Revolution Day itself and it is there she is caught up in Pandemonium. She remains there in safety, looking after the people to come there in refuge, wishing Van well when they meet up.