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Sariffa (サリファ) is the maid of the Florald Noble Family, mostly commonly seen by the side of Vincent Florald.



Sariffa is a young woman with combed violet hair with two locks stretching down pass her shoulders. She wears a dark purple maid's outfit with matching boots, a white apron tied around the waist, a white collar shirt with a light violet scarf tucked underneath the uniform, and wears a white maid's headband on her head.

Sariffa uses two orbal pistols in combat.


Sariffa is a subdued and calm individual, being respectful and devoted to her master/mistress, and offering some form of aid and wisdom when required. Most times, she is seen having to use her wisdom and clever use of words to help Vincent out of uncomfortable situations, mostly due to Margarita Dresden's obsessive tendencies. She dutifully carries out her responsibility to watch over Vincent and Ferris, but will in turn offer advise to help Vincent learn to take care of things on his own.

So long as she draws breath, she will do everything possible to keep Vincent and Ferris safe. So when she's fighting at her best performance, she emits a bright turquoise-emerald aura to surround herself. Its immense power is due to her will and determination to serve the Florald Household.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Sariffa is ever at the side of Vincent Florald, dutifully carrying out her responsibilities as maid. Usually this involves assisting Vincent with his endeavours of the heart or helping him escape the pursuits of Margarita.

Sariffa accompanies Florald in combat as part of the the Order of the Lion when Class VII arrive to liberate Trista from the hold of the Noble Alliance. Sariffa is revealed to be extremely proficient with dual wieldling firearms. However, she, and the rest of the Order are defeated.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Sariffa Note (Sen).png
Maid (Upper Class Dormitory)
A maid sent by the Florald family. Always accompanies Vincent wherever he goes.
Odd Servant
She has served Vincent and Ferris for so long because she finds them 'interesting and endearing people.'

Trails of Cold Steel II

Sariffa Note (Sen).png
Maid (Upper Class Dormitory)
A maid sent by the Florald family. Always supporting Vincent and Ferris from the shadows.
She underwent hard training to learn to fight so she wouldn't have to share the job of looking after Ferris and Vincent.
Caring Neglect
Sometimes intentionally ignores Vincent when he is in need so he can grow from the experience.