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The Schwarz Drache Barrier is a military installation located southwest of Roer. It marks the border of the Nortia Province with the area surrounding the capital, Heimdallr.


The Schwarz Drache Barrier plays a minor role in Trails of Cold Steel 2's second act after Angelica Rogner gets in contact with Class VII on the Courageous after which they rendez-vous in Roer. During this time Angelica expresses she has been working against her father, Marquis Rogner and elected to show him her own way. Her plan holds in taking over the Schwarz Drache Barrier to show her father she able to hold a position of power. The plan thus exists of her taking over the barrier with the help of people loyal to her with the use of stolen Panzer Soldats. The initial rally on the Barrier ends with Angelica and her father duelling hand on hand using their respective soldats until Vulcan jumps in with his own experimental, unstable Goliath model Panzer Soldat demanding to duel Rean and Valimar. Said duel commences with Rean winning and ending with Vulcan's Goliath exploding due to overexerting it from the duel. After the events are the Schwarz Drache Barrier Marquis Rogner elects to agree with Angelica's vision and pull out of the Noble Alliance becoming a neutral party in the civil war.



  • The name is of German origin and translates to Black Dragon Barrier.

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