Remnant Island - Location Art (Nayuta)

Remnant Island in Sciencia Sea.

Sciencia Sea (シエンシア海) is a vast ocean dotted with tiny islands. Humans living on this islands believe that the Ciencia Sea is finite and that there must more beyond its edges. One such believer was astronomer William Herschel, father of the eponymous protagonist, who set sail to discover one such hypothetical world.


Prior to the Great Flood, Sciencia used to be one of two continents, the other being Lexandria. Excavated artifacts confirm that its elevated places as a continent match the current islands on the Sciencia Sea.


Since most of Nayuta no Kiseki takes place in Lost Heaven, locations other than the central area of Remnant Island (also known as the Island Left Behind) are mentioned only in passing.

One of these is an unnamed empire. Little is known about this empire. It is an aristocracy and at war with neighbouring countries when the game takes place. Remnant Island Museum director Volans, hailing from said empire, states he comes for its cold, northern region. Volans' research is funded by Baron Victor.

According to Cetus, who sailed across the Sciencia Sea, there exists another continent in the north of Sciencia Sea. In the east, there are numerous islands. On one uninhabited island in the north, the rare longevity peach[1] grows, which is said to grant eternal youth.


  • Zemuria, the continent the mainline Kiseki series takes place on, is only mentioned in the context of Zemurian Ore. In Nayuta no Kiseki, Zemurian Ore is treated as a legendary metal that cannot be scratched and was handed from the ancient civilisation. The local blacksmith, Columha, claims he learnt how to process Zemurian Ore from "a certain someone".
  • 'Sciencia' is Spanish for 'science'.


  1. Japanese: 仙寿桃
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