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The Sealed Area (封印区画(ふういんくかく)) is an ancient ruin that lies beneath Grancel Castle in Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd.


The Sealed Area is an ancient ruin belonging to the ancient Zemurian civilisation. It dates back to just after the Great Collapse and is one of the first doors that open up the way to the Aureole. The ruin is located beneath Grancel Castle and more generally beneath the City of Grancel. There are four descending levels that are reached via circular lifts.

The entire facility is the remains of Celeste D. Auslese's Secret laboratory where she and fifteen companions worked to undo the influence of the Aureole and seal it away to save their people. They succeeded in their task with moments to spare, as the plan was leaked when the Aureole probed the mind of someone connected to the plan. The facility was attacked by reveries, with one breaching the defences and nearly making it to the sealing mechanism before being cut off when the Aureole was sealed and deactivating. The Auslese family established the castle on top of the ruins and the existence of them became myth and legend in the royal family.

It is this same Reverie that activated when the first seal was disabled.

Trails in the Sky FC

Estelle and Joshua Bright are led into the Treasury underneath Grancel Castle by Queen Alicia where they are shown a sealed door. The queen produces a spare key which she uses to open the door leading into a room with an elevator. Joshua walks onto the elevator platform and inspects the control panel, learning that a special quartz is needed to activate it. Professor Russell, followed by Tita Russell and Agate Crosner make a sudden entrance. Joshua soon explains their predicament and the Professor explains they need a card key to access the lift. He slides a small cable into the card slot, mentioning that the control panel is an early model and does not contain a failsafe. Suddenly, a Royal Guardsman appears and tells the group that a division of the army has arrived at Grancel's main gate. Queen Alicia stays behind as a result while the rest of the group takes the elevator down to the ruins. Once there, they decide to split up into two groups.

Once decided on the members of each group, they continue on to explore, descending deeper into the ruins and encountering numerous mechanized enemies along the way. In the 3rd level Hall, the run into Captain Amalthea. She taunts the party and tries to prevent them from reaching the colonel and calls upon two ancient mechanized creatures. Amalthea is defeated and Estelle gets Sieg to call the other members. Professor Russell explains they are probably at the half way point. The group prepares themselves and continues their exploration. Descending from the fourth level, they reach what is the bottom of the ruins and come to a large set of stairs. Here, the group rests and prepares themselves for the final confrontation.

At the end of a hallway, the party arrives in a large room where they see Colonel Richard with the Shining Ring, the Aureole. The colonel explains to them about Sept-Terrion, the heavenly treasures and the Aureole as well as revealing his plan. After some talking, the fight with Colonel Richard begins. After the battle is over, what appears to be an Orbal Shutdown occurs and an automated voice is heard. A massive door opens in the room and the Ring Guardians emerge. They battle the Ring Guardians and the final form of Reverie and defeat them. Exhausted, the group is barely able to move when suddenly the Ring Guardian activates again and is about to hit Estelle. However, Colonel Richard intervenes and saves her and sacrifices himself to repent for his wrong doings. Cassius shows up at this time and knocks the arm off of the machine, releasing the colonel. Another fight with Reverie ensues and again, is defeated. 

Trails in the Sky SC

The ruins are briefly seen when Julia Schwarz escorts Kevin Graham to see them, and they discuss the nature of the Aureole.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

A portion of the sealed are is replicated on Phantasma's Second Plane, where is it severely condensed from its original dimensions and is spatially distorted so that the bottom level is reached more quickly. Kevin Graham and his party first meet the Lord of Phantasma here who sets them against the Seventy-Seven Devils guardian of the gates to Gehenna: Rostrum. After defeating this challenge, the Second Plane is clear and a crystal containing Klaudia von Auslese is obtained.