Septium (七耀石, sepuchiumu) is a grouping of seven types of gemstones, found and actively mined across Zemuria. Septium have been viewed as symbols of mystery since ancient times. Their value as a source increased drastically when the technology to refine fragments of septium, also known as sepith (七耀石の欠片, sepisu), into quartz was developed. Larger chunks of septium are refined into jewels.


No. Element Official name Colour Sky Crossbell Cold Steel (E/J) Akatsuki
1 Earth Amberl Brown Earth (Sora Element) Earth (Crossbell Element) Earth (Sen Element)/Earth J (Sen Element) Earth (Akatsuki Element)
2 Water Sapphirl Blue Water (Sora Element) Water (Crossbell Element) Water (Sen Element)/Water J (Sen Element) Water (Akatsuki Element)
3 Fire Carnelia Red Fire (Sora Element) Fire (Crossbell Element) Fire (Sen Element)/Fire J (Sen Element) Fire (Akatsuki Element)
4 Wind Esmelas Green Wind (Sora Element) Wind (Crossbell Element) Wind (Sen Element)/Wind J (Sen Element) Wind (Akatsuki Element)
5 Time Nohval Black Time (Sora Element) Time (Crossbell Element) Time (Sen Element)/Time J (Sen Element) Time (Akatsuki Element)
6 Space Goldia Gold Space (Sora Element) Space (Crossbell Element) Space (Sen Element)/Space J (Sen Element) Space (Akatsuki Element)
7 Mirage Argem Silver Mirage (Sora Element) Mirage (Crossbell Element) Mirage (Sen Element)/Mirage J (Sen Element) Mirage (Akatsuki Element)
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