Septium Optic Annals (結晶光学論集) is a book found in Trails in the Sky FC, Chapter 3: "The Black Orbment" in the Zeiss Central Factory design room.

It is also available in the Trails in the Sky the 3rd in a bookshelf in the Hermit's Garden after interacting with it during Chapter 6: "The Guardians' Trials" part 2.

[Septium Optic Annals]
Published by the Zeiss Central Factory
<General Theory>
The current state of orbal technology research
  1. Research pertaining to orbal energy attributes on a quartz interface
  2. R&D for high output orbal guns which utilize zero-defect crystals
  3. Statistical predictions of precipitation defects due to interference field formation
  4. Relative cascade geometry and propulsion efficiency under low orbal energy conditions
  5. Mechanical calculation acceleration through the use of orbal energy-storing cycloidal gears within a tourbillon
<General Theory>
The current state of orbal technology research

During these fifty years since the Orbal Revolution, the Central Factory has striven in the reform of orbal technology by working out a number of applicable methods for its use. Currently, the research findings of this same factory have been utilized in all facets of society and have greatly contributed to the development of industry.

However, on the flipside of all these remarkable achievements, the field of basic research has been disregarded as a thing of naught. What is orbal energy, and what are the fundamental operating principles of an orbment? Now in an age where social appraisal of technological research has become an unchallenged part of life, it leaves us to beg the question of whether or not we should return to basics.

【結晶光学論集】 ツァイス中央工房・刊
  1. クオーツ境界面での導力特性の研究
  2. 無欠陥結晶を用いた高出力導力銃の研究開発
  3. 析出欠陥による干渉場形成の統計的予測
  4. 低導力圧下での翼列形状と推進効率の関係
  5. 導力貯留式輪列による機械式計算の高速化




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