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Sergei Lou (セルゲイ・ロウ), also known as Sergei the Apprehender (搦め手のセルゲイ), is the chief of the Special Support Section.



Sergei is a middle-aged man with dark brown hair, eyes and a small beard. He is usually seen with a cigarette in his mouth. He wears a beige shirt, dark brown trousers with braces and a red tie with a metal clip. Sergei uses a shotgun in combat situations.


Sergei appears very tired and laid back upon first impressions, usually seen smoking and sitting at his desk looking un-enthused. If the situations calls for it, Sergei quickly dismisses his laid back attitude and immediately takes the initiative.


He earned his title of Sergei the Apprehender as a top-notch investigator with the Crossbell Police Department, where he also supervised Guy Bannings and Arios MacLaine. Under his lead, the First Division's accomplishments exceeded far of what was expected of them.

After he left the First Division, Sergei became a driving instructor at the Crossbell Police Academy until the establishment of the Special Support Section at the beginning of S.1204.

Sergei married and then, around S.1199, divorced Sonya Baelz, now commander of the Crossbell Guardian Force.[2][3] They have remained on good terms since their divorce, however.

Trails from Zero

As the acting Section Chief of the SSS, Sergei directed the group to hot-button issues in Crossbell that they needed to resolve and acted as their representative in the Crossbell Police Department. Sergei stressed that the SSS needed to come to decisions independently and to rely on their own judgment as a group in order to make sound decisions in the field and to take quick, effective action.

When Joachim Guenter manipulated the Crossbell Guardian Force into attacking Crossbell using Gnosis, Sergei readied his shotgun to hold off the brainwashed forces so that the SSS could escape together with KeA.

Sergei and Zeit resting up at Sun Fort after shaking off the brainwashed troops.

After aiding the SSS in their escape, Sergei offered to drive the group to the Sun Fort at the Ancient Battlefield where Joachim was waiting. While attempting to evade the hail of gunfire firing towards the car, he told the SSS that he considered it his duty to clear the path for youngsters like them.

Trails to Azure

Sergei continues to support the SSS with missions, giving them the requests and receiving their reports. He shows them the orbal car they had been issued and instils in them the rules of the road.

He helps storm the Orchis Tower, stayng on the base of the tower to help fight magical golems before moving into arrest the president and keep him detained.

Sergei working together with Cecile Neues and Elie MacDowell to distribute relief supplies.

Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

During the Imperial occupation of Crossbell, Sergei collaborated with the resistance in the form of transporting relief supplies.

Sergei was one of the individuals trapped in Rufus Albarea's Operation: Birdcage at Mishelam as part of a larger ploy to strip the SSS of their public support.

Trails into Reverie

Sergei once again joins the resistance efforts against Rufus Albareas's occupation on the day of their re-independence. After losing a confrontation within the city itself, he retreats to Mainz with other members of the CGF and police. He joined in several operations against the Special Guard including distracting their forces away from the Moon Temple and the final assault on the city itself.

During the assault on Reverse Babel, Sergei leads a boat full of police officers to engage the automated Zauber Soldats upon the Lake.

Character Notes

Trails into Reverie

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Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Trails into Reverie

Akatsuki no Kiseki


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