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Shanshan (サンサン) is a waitress working at Long Lao Tavern & Inn in Crossbell City on East Street. She is the daughter of the owner, Zhang Hui.



Shanshan is a young woman with long black hair, which is tied together in two twin tails topped with buns, and jade colored eyes. fitting the theme of the eastern styled restaurant she works in, Shanshan's outfit resembles traditional eastern garb: a bright red qipao with gold trim, and blue ribbons. She also wears black compression shorts with a similar gold trim and red flats.


Shanshan is a very cheerful individual, both friendly and welcoming to customers in the Long Lao tavern and inn. She is willing to fight back if she feels uncomfortable or threatened, but also compassionate towards those she may have harmed. She is able to tell if anything is bothering her best friend Rixia, and can usually tell when she is worried about something. She is also playful, taunting Rixia about dress sizes and modifications to account for her bust.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure[]

Shanshan is always found in her father's establishment, the Long Lao tavern & inn on East Street. She had only left Sunday school the previous year, and had been a waitress for four months. She enlists the Special Support Section's assistance in finding five long silver fish for a dinner reservation for five.

She is also Rixia Mao's best friend, and shares information regarding her. She taunts Rixia over the need to stitch two dresses together in order to fit her.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV[]

Business in the East Street section of the city is down, but Long Lao remains in business. Shanshan is really worried about a solider she scratched, who grabbed her inappropriately and is now recovering. Her father told her not to leave the house, but she is glad that the soldier is now recovering and hopes that he is alright.

Trails into Reverie[]

Shanshan is extremely worried about the future of Crossbell's peace and the disappearance of Ilya Platiere following the occupation of the city by Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea. She flees to Armorica Village with several others from the city, taking shelter in the inn. During the Special Support Section's efforts to find Ilya at the Sun Fort, Rixia encounters Shanshan who has succumbed to the curse. It turns out she had revealed the location of the fugitives to Cao Lee and Garcia Rossi who promised not to harm them when apprehending them. When it appears his is not to be the case, Shanshan gets agitated and Cao Lee uses a technique which puts her to sleep. Shanshan later apologises and supports Rixia in her efforts, eventually returning to the city.


Trails from Zero[]

Trails of Cold Steel III[]