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Shirley Orlando (シャーリィ・オルランド), also known as the Sanguine Ogre ((あか)戦鬼(せんき)) and formerly known as Bloody Shirley (血染(ちぞ)めのシャーリィ), is a battalion commander of the jaeger corps Red Constellation. She later became Enforcer No. XVII of Ouroboros (while retaining her position in the jager corps). She is the daughter of Red Constellation leader Sigmund Orlando, and the cousin of former member Randy Orlando. Shirley's partner in missions is often Gareth the Blitz, a fellow RC commander.


Despite her youthfulness, Shirley's lifelong training at the hands of her father Sigmund have enabled her to become one of the most powerful jaegers around. In combat, she wields a chainsaw-flamethrower-rifle hybrid weapon named Testa-Rossa.

Shirley is sadistic and energetic, taking great joy in the violence of combat, and is unrelentingly enthusiastic about harming her opponents. She is not above killing them, as shown when she massacres several members of the Crossbell Guardian Force, nor is she above harming non-combatants as shown when she launches an assault on the Derfflinger train in the Saint-Arkh region. Like Angelica Rogner, Shirley is an open and aggressive lesbian, gleefully groping Elie MacDowell during her introduction (calling it "skinship"), and later doing the same to Duvalie. Both times, she uses an ability to nearly teleport behind her target in the blink of an eye (she doesn't seem able to do this for other purposes). She stated an intent to grope Estelle Bright aboard the Pantagruel, but never got the chance.

Despite her activities, Shirley is not entirely irredeemable and indifferent to certain moral standards. She avoids underage smoking and drinking, per her father's demands. She also showed some level of unhappiness in response to the destruction of the Courageous, helped the SSS find a lost cat (even resorting to torturing an uncooperative suspect during said investigation), and paid respects to Loewe at Hamel. Most notably, Shirley is shown to be able to connect and care for Cedric Reise Arnor and see him as a "little brother".


Shirley was raised to be a jaeger by her father. Unlike her cousin Randy, Shirley always embraced the jaeger lifestyle and never had an experience that made her question it. She quickly gained a reputation for her skills. During her time as a jaeger, Shirley developed a rivalry with Fie Claussell of Zephyr; just like Shirley, Fie was raised in the jaeger lifestyle as a child. This rivalry resurfaced after Fie left Thors Military Academy to become a Bracer. Shirley also developed a rivalry with former Northern Jaegers member Sara Valestein during this time.

Ao no Kiseki

During the events of this game, Red Constellation members including her, Gareth and Sigmund are contracted by Dieter Crois to create trouble in Crossbell (to further Dieter's agenda of ultimately keeping Crossbell indepednent). The Orlandos are also searching for Randy - due to the death of Randy's father Baldur Orlando (the previous leader of Red Constellation), Randy is now next in line to be the leader. Randy refuses, staying with the SSS, and faces Shirley in combat after she massacres several members of the Crossbell Guardian Force. Shirley also develops a rivalry with Rixia Mao after she launches an assault during an Arc en Ciel play which critically injures Ilya Platiere. She fights the party in a territory at Orchis Tower, her primary rival during the fight not being Randy, but Rixia. She escapes afterwards.

Following the conclusion of the Azure-Zero Project, she and Mariabell Crois are brought to the Celestial Globe, where they formally become members of Ouroboros. Shirley became Enforcer No. XVII, and Mariabell became the new Third Anguis.

Trails of Cold Steel III

After the Erebonian Civil War, she infiltrates Erebonia per request of Anguis Mariabell Crois. Here, she works to help the society reclaim their Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

She helps carry out the first Aion experiment in the Saint-Arkh region alongside Duvalie. She, Duvalie and a force of Archaisms launch an attack on the Derfflinger, during which time Shirley crosses paths with Fie again. Later, she and Duvalie are confronted by Rean Schwarzer and his team at Hamel, near the graveyard of Loewe. Shirley remarks that she heard that he was "crazy strong". Out of respect for the deceased former Enforcer, all of them pay respects to him before moving away from the grave to have their battle.

After they battle and Rean fights the Aion, the other members of Duvalie's Stahlritter appear, as do Gareth and Zephyr members Rutger Claussell, Xeno and Leonidas who seem to be working with them. Shirley asked Rutger how he survived as she saw him and Baldur kill each other firsthand, but Rutger declined to elaborate and they all left the area.

Later, Shirley helps fight off the members of Thors Branch Campus in the Ordis region. She spars with her cousin Randy, and Agate Crosner.

At the end of the game, Shirley, along with Rutger (ironically now working with her despite the historic rivalry between the Zephyr/RC corps), Azure Siegfried and Sharon Kreuger, serve as the second roadblock in the Gral of Erebos. Here, she is able to battle both Fie and Sara once again. At the end of the game, even Shirley seems questioning of the decision to blow up the Courageous, saying "I'd get it if this was a jaeger-on-jaeger fight, but..."

Trails of Cold Steel IV

During this game, Shirley dons the uniform of Class I at Thors Military Academy, as she is now fighting alongside them and its leader, Cedric Reise Arnor, who has chosen to work in service to Giliath Osborne.

Shirley fights alongside the rest of Class I (Cedric, Fritz and Ada) in the Osgiliath Basin when New Class VII reunites with Musse Egret. She later fights alongside Mariabell Crois and Campanella aboard the Pantagruel. Shirley can appear in a number of bonding events in this game, such as when she pays respects to Captain Valestein (Sara's adopted father), and the departed Rutger Claussell.

Shirley is faced a final time as the second roadblock in the Tuatha De Danann, alongside Cedric Reise Arnor. After she spars with Class VII to set the stage for the Fourth Rivalry, Cedric and Rean finally have that Rivalry. Cedric loses the Rivalry, and with it his Divine Knight. He faints due to exhaustion, but Shirley is still up and states that she believe she could defeat the party if she really tried. Rean surmises that Shirley has been holding back even since the Gral, because she wanted to look after Cedric. Shirley explains that she felt a connection to him, likening him to a "little brother", before she chooses to pass out rather than continue fighting, allowing the party further entry into the fortress.

After the death of Giliath Osborne, Cedric spoke with Shirley at the outskirts of the fortress. Cedric announced his desire to join the Society, to which Shirley offered to guide him, saying she would also introduce him to her father. It was later rumored that Cedric became an Enforcer.


Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Akatsuki no Kiseki



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