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Shizuku MacLaine (シズク・マクレイン) is the only daughter of Arios MacLaine.



Shizuku is a girl with long black hair and dark brown eyes, although these are not seen due to her blindness. She wears a small red tie in her hair. A young Shizuku wore a blue and white long sleeved top with a green fur lined skirt and matching shawl. She also wore brown shoes, black tights, a blue brooch and a circular pendant around her neck.

An older Shizuku dresses in a similar style, albeit without the shawl, revealing puffed sleeves and a red ribbon tie. The fur lining on her skirt is also gone.


Despite her crippling loss of eyesight, Shizuku remains warm-hearted and friendly, easily befriending anyone she meets. She loves her father dearly and wishes him well.


Shizuku was born in S.1195 to Arios and Saya MacLaine.

She lost her eyesight due to an exploding transport truck at the age of four. Her mother was killed in the process. For the next five years, Shizuku was hospitalized at St. Ursula Medical College in an attempt to return her eyesight.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Despite her own challenges, Shizuku never stops worrying about her father. While she stayed at the hospital, she befriended KeA and opened her heart to her.

When KeA became the Sept-Terrion of Zero, she used her power to recover Shizuku's eyesight using what she later refers to as the "sacrament program". However, Shizuku's joy was short-lived as her concern for KeA continued to grow. Her feelings were further conflicted by her father's support of the Crois family's plans that she ended up supporting the Special Support Section against her father.

12-year-old Shizuku during the Liberation of Crossbell in S.1207.

During the ending of Ao no Kiseki, Shizuku, now 12 years old, is seen at the centre of the group picture taken after the Liberation of Crossbell in S.1207.

Trails into Reverie

An older Shizuku returns with her sight fully restored. She is being looked after by Ian Grimwood in the Crossbell Military Police Academy prison and is present when her father and C's party arrive.


Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Trails into Reverie


  • She's the only known Western Zemurian to have a Japanese name. Other characters who have a Japanese name (eg. Hime, Kurogane) are all Calvardian or immigrants from the east.
    • It's possible that her mother Saya is ethnically Calvardian, an immigrant from the east, or that Arios gave her the name due to his fascination with Eastern culture (which is possible since he was a disciple of Yun Ka-Fai).