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Sidney (シドニー) is a student in Class VIII of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.


Sidney is born in S.1189 and lives in Lamarre Province, growing up in Grenville.

At the age of 17, he enrolls at the Thors Branch Campus.

Character Notes

Sidney Note (Sen III)
Class VIII: Combat Tactics (Chess Club)
Clever and skilled, he can handle most tasks without effort. However, he tends to give up on anything he finds too hard.
Just Coasting
He has a natural talent for hitting moving targets, but lacks discipline. If he actually put in some effort, he could be great.
His Own Petard
His plan to lure in girls by inviting Kurt and Kairi to hang out at the Summer Festival backfires when the girls end up ignoring him.

Sidney Note (Sen III)


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