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Sigmund Orlando (シグムント・オルランド), also known as the Ogre Rosso (赤の戦鬼(オーガ・ロッソ)) or War Ogre (戦鬼(せんき)), is the sub-leader of jaeger corps Red Constellation.


Sigmund was born in S.1161. His daughter Shirley was born in S.1188.

Since the death of Red Constellation leader and Sigmund's brother, Baldur Orlando, in his fight with arch-rival Rutger Claussell, leader of Zephyr, in S.1203, Sigmund has been hailed as the strongest jaeger in Zemuria.[2] His raw powers have also been compared to a "human-eating tiger".[2]


Sigmund is a brutal individual. He is someone who loves battle and is merciless in his duty as a jaeger. He also has no qualms about killing someone, if his job requires it.

He has a rocky relationship with his nephew Randolph who doesn't approve of the Red Constellation's ways.



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