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The Sky Bandit's Stronghold is an ancient fortress located in Nebel Valley that serves as the Capua family's home and main base.


The Sky Bandit's Stronghold is the home and main base of the Capua family. They have been living there since they fell from grace as nobles and lost all of their land and assets.

It was originally an ancient fortress from the time of the Ancient Zemurian civilisation, and was hypothesized to have been built prior to the Great Collapse. It had also been hypothesized by Olivier Lenheim that it was built to be a shelter of sorts for people.

During the Missing Linde Incident in S.1202, all of the crew and passengers on the Linde were transported to this fortress and kept under strict guard in one of the rooms. The hostage were later rescued by Estelle and co. and after the Sky Pirates were arrested by the army, the place was abandoned.

After the Queen's Birthday Incident in S.1202, later that year, the ancient fortress was converted into a new Liberlian military training facility which was used to train fledgling pilots in air combat. The Capua's airship "The Bobcat" was also stored here until it could be returned to Erebonia. However, on the day Mueller Vander was there to go over preparations for the transfer, the airship was reclaimed by the Capua family with help from Joshua Bright.


The structure of the fortress is rather linear and simplistic. It possesses two entrances, one facing Nebel Valley where airships can get in and another in a cliff near the entrance of the valley, that is close to Bose. Both entrances are connected by a linear path with individual rooms in between. The base is infested with monsters and it has several stolen goods all over it from the sky bandits' own adventures.