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Sonorous Seashell concept (Sen IV).png

Sonorous Seashell in the Courageous II.

Sonorous Seashell (響きの貝殻) is a living artifact in the possession of Olivert Reise Arnor.


Bracers discovered the artifact in a ruin in Erebonia about S.1196.[Note 1][2] The artifact is able to transfer encrypted orbal communications over an ultra long distance under every possible condition.[2][1] Per Toval Randonneur's suggestion he had the artifact turned into a router and paired it with a custom-made application by the Epstein Foundation to realise the Round of Seven, enabling the ARCUS II network.[1]




  1. On 27 August, S.1206, Olivert Reise Arnor says it was discovered "over 10 years ago".[1]


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