Spear of Loa (The 3rd)

Spear of Loa

The Spear of Loa (ロアの魔槍) is an artifact that transforms its wielder into a monster.[1]


The Spear of Loa was sealed in the Primal Ground beneath the chapel of Aster House due to its dangerous power.

In S.1198, the Aster House was attacked by jaegers and access to the Primal Ground was discovered. One of the jaeger took the artifact off the pedestal and was transformed into an inhuman monster. Kevin Graham attempted to fight off the monster, but was knocked to the ground. When the monster raised his spear to attack the still-unconscious Ries Argent, Kevin's Stigma manifested and absorbed the power of the spear. He used that power to counter attack and kill the jaeger.[1]



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