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The Spirit Shrines are mysterious ruins scattered around Erebonia that once served as workshops for the Gnomes. Sealed within each of the four main shrines is a huge chunk of Zemurian Ore, all four of which are needed to craft a powerful weapon for Valimar.

List of Spirit Shrines

Trails of Cold Steel II

Aria Shrine - Exterior (sen2).png

Aria Shrine

The Aria Shrine is located in the far northeast of the Nord Highlands and is home to wind elemental enemies. The Aria Shrine is the second shrine that can be entered and is first encountered when part of Class VII has travelled to the northeast of the Highlands to reunite with Millium, Alisa and Gwyn. The shrine entrance is located further down the zone. The first stratum is similar to the Terra Shrine and at the end of this Rean has his second vision of Dreichels the Lionheart's past which details him deciding to take up arms with his new brothers and sisters from Nord to stop the ongoing war for succession in Erebonia.

Aqua Shrine - Exterior (sen2).png

Aqua Shrine

The Aqua Shrine is located near Legram and is home to water elemental enemies. The Aqua Shrine is the third shrine that can be entered and is first encountered after the group meets up with Emma and Laura. The shrine is encountered when travelling from Legram to Bareahard from the Ebel Highway by foot. Like before the first stratum is similar to the earlier encountered shrines with an aquatic theme where systems of drainage or used to navigate through the shrine. At the end of the first stratum Rean has his third vision of Dreichels which details him meeting Lianne Sandlot the Lance Maiden for the first time and her pledge to serve in his army.

Ignis Shrine - Exterior 2 (sen2).png

Ignis Shrine

The Ignis Shrine is located near Roer and is home to fire elemental enemies. The Ignis Shrine is fourth shrine that is first found during the operation of liberating Roer as the party is on their way to the Schwarz Drache Barrier with Angelica Rogner. Unlike the other shrines the class does not enter the shrine due to time constraints instead electing to come back later when the third faction starts working towards building a Zemurian Ore Tachi for Valimar and Rean. Unlike the other shrines the first stratum either is skipped visually or simply does not exist at all with the party immediately opening the locked door to the second stratum on the way to the shrine itself.

Terra Shrine - Exterior (sen2).png

Terra Shrine

The Terra Shrine is located near Garrelia Fortress and is home to earth elemental enemies. The Terra Shrine is first shrine that can be entered and is encountered when Rean, Toval, Fie, Machias, Elliot and Celine travelled through the Twin Dragons Bridge to Garrelia Fortress. Upon first inspection the entrance further in the shrine is locked but it is here that Rean gets his first flashback to memories of Emperor Dreichels during the War of the Lions. This flashback details Dreichels' entry to the war experiencing the pain and suffering of the commoners in this war.

Glacia Shrine

The Glacia Shrine is located near Ymir. It is a special shrine that does not have any Zemurian ore inside. Instead it holds a strong Magic Knight, which upon defeat rewards the player with the strong Ice Crown accessory.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Sol Shrine - Exterior (Sen III).jpg

Sol Shrine

The Sol Shrine first appeared in Trails of Cold Steel III and is located on Bryonia Island. While it does not have any Zemurian Ore, it is still built on top of a cluster of Septium Veins.

Luna Shrine (Sen IV).jpg

Luna Shrine

The Luna Shrine first appears in Trails of Cold Steel IV, where it is situated near Lake Gala, in the vicinity of Milsante. New Class VII witnessed the memories of Dreichels on his deathbed and Lianne Sandlot at the depths of the Luna Shrine.

Draco Shrine

Stella Shrine

Sanctus Shrine

Hajimari no Kiseki

White Shrine


Aria Shrine

Aqua Shrine

Ignis Shrine

Terra Shrine

Glacia Shrine

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