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St. Ursula Medical College ((せい)ウルスラ医科大学病院(いかだいがくびょういん)) is a health care research institute situated near Lake Elm in southern Crossbell. From Crossbell City, St. Ursula Medical College is 30 minutes by orbal bus (153 selge).


St. Ursula Medical College


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St. Ursula is named after the daughter of a therapist who lived during the Middle Ages known for remonstrating with a ruling lord. After that, even the Septian Church canonised her a saint. It is commonly believed that she died young, while she actually survived and married a knight, the two of them remaining in Crossbell for the rest of her life. The novel The Saint and the White Wolf is based on St. Ursula's legend.

St. Ursula Medical College is financially supported by Remiferia. Since the enormous building also serves as a hospital, it is well known throughout Zemuria for treating foreign patients.

Trails from Zero


The Special Support Section first travels to St. Ursula to investigate monster attacks on behalf of the Crossbell Guardian Force. After helping save the bus from jungle monsters with the assistance of Estelle and Joshua, they arrive at the hospital where Lloyd reunites with Cecile Neues, his late brother's fiancée.

Cecile takes them to Lytton, the victim of the monster attack who tells them and Doctor Joachim Guenter his story, and to the roof where the attack happened. The SSS investigate the area and determine the point of entry of the monsters to be the lower balcony of the inn. Then they meet Shizuku MacLaine, an inpatient of the hospital and daughter of Arios, who inadvertently gives Lloyd the key to the case when she tells them she heard a faint whistle on the night of the attack, which ended up being Revache's method of controlling the war hounds that attacked the intern.

During the Crossbell Anniversary Festival, the hospital receptionist requests the SSS to find Doctor Guenter, who's gone missing to fish at the Ursula Road sandbar with other Fisherman's Guild members. After a fishing duel with Lloyd, they return to the hospital.

After the Festival ends, the SSS take KeA to the hospital on the recommendation of Sister Marble to search for a solution to her missing memories, meeting with Doctor Guenter again, who is the head of the Neurology and Pharmacology Department. The doctor asks KeA to stay for a few days to perform some tests, but she refuses and runs away, ending up lost and meeting Shizuku at the rest area. Lloyd finds the two having become friends, with Arios arriving to visit her daughter, asking the SSS to have KeA visit frequently for sake, and they decide to not have KeA stay and look for her relatives by themselves for a while longer.

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The SSS meet with Doctor Guenter again to ask him to run analysis on the blue pills they found on Gantz after his incident at Barca Casino with Lechter Arundel which resulted in the former falling unconscious. The doctor tells them of a cult that delevoped a drug called Gnosis with similar effects to those they saw on Gantz.

After Revache, Gantz, and other people go missing, and the SSS with Alex Dudley investigate Revache's headquarters for clues, discovering them to be the distributors of Gnosis, they decide to meet Guenter in person after he fails to call at the agreed time. Dudley tells them he's found Guenter to be Ernest Reis' physician, making the doctor the main suspect since Ernest showed the same symptoms as Gantz.

They find the bus heading to the hospital at the side of the road again, empty but with people's belongings inside, and they find the hospital taken over by brainwashed Revache members. With the help of Yin, the SSS liberates the visitors and staff, and enters the Research Ward where Ernest is waiting in Guenter's office to reveal the truth behind the cult and Gnosis, finding Tio Plato and Renne as victims of experiments, Speaker Hartmann as blackmail subject and KeA to be involved in a different way. Renne appears to ask the SSS to deliver a message to the Brights and a warning to them about KeA before leaving.







Treasure Chests

Key Contents Chest Quote
1 Potion (Crossbell Item).png Celestial Balm I swear I was just holding it for a friend.
2 Potion (Crossbell Item).png Curia Balm I have a sinking feeling in my chest.
3 Fire (Crossbell Quartz).png Scorpio Gem The surgery to remove the foreign object was
successful. The chest just needs to be closed
up and allowed a full recovery. Good job.
4 Potion (Crossbell Item).png EP Charge II *cough* *cough*...*COUGH* *cough*
Sorry about that. I'm feeling a bit conchested.
5 Space (Crossbell Quartz).png EP Cut 3 After reexamining the chest, you find something else...
6 Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Stellar Pendulum Maybe she's born with it.
Maybe it's Ursuline.
There we go, the end of spoilers. Thank you for your time!



Le Lectier Inn

Le Lectier Inn
Items Sold
Rest 100 mira per party member
Food To Go (Crossbell Item).png Deluxe Beef Stew Restores 30% HP/DEF+25%/Cures Freeze 800 mira
Food To Go (Crossbell Item).png Ripe Onion Soup Restores 40% HP/Cures Sleep/Confuse/Faint 800 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Tear Balm Restores 500 HP 200 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Teara Balm Restores 2000 HP 800 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Tearal Balm[note 1] Restores 5000 HP 2000 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png EP Charge Restores 100 EP 500 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png EP Charge II[note 1] Restores 300 EP 100 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Reviving Balm Revives & Restores 500 HP 500 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Celestial Balm[note 1] Revives & Restores 2000 HP 2000 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Smoke Grenade 100% success fleeing battle 100 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Battle Scope Analysis 100 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Antidote Cures Poison 100 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Softening Ointment Cures Petrify 160 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Insulating Tape Cures Mute 100 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Warmer Cures Freeze 160 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Relaxant Cures Seal 100 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Cooling Spray Cures Burn 160 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Eye Drop Cures Blind 100 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Mint Drop Cures Sleep 160 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Stimulant Cures Faint 200 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png Sedative Cures Confuse 200 mira
Potion (Crossbell Item).png S-Tablet Cures Stat Down 500 mira
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Antibacterial Mask DEF+3/Prevents Poison 800 mira
Key (Crossbell Item).png Wall Clock[note 1] A cuckoo clock made by a famous artisan.
Decoration for Elie's room.
10000 mira
Sepith Trade
Earth (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Water (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Fire (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Wind (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira
Time (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira Space (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira Mirage (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Only available from Chapter 3 onwards.


Location Fish Bait
Fishing Spot - St. Ursula Medical College (Zero).png
St. Ursula Medical College
Carp Earthworm (50%), Dumplings (50%), Deluxe Dumplings (33%), Snow Crab (100%)
Kasagin Red Flies (100%)
Pearlglass Dumplings (50%), Deluxe Dumplings (33%)
Snow Crab Earthworm (50%)
Trout Roe (100%), Deluxe Dumplings (33%)




  • Lytton
  • Gwen
  • Chaleur
  • Flora
  • Michaux




  • Manager Clark
  • Receptionist Sera
  • Superintendent Kirsch (Le Lectier Inn/Buffet & Inn - Lectier)
  • Marone
  • Janitor Dyson
  • Security Guard Tony

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