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St. Ursula Medical College ((せい)ウルスラ医科大学病院(いかだいがくびょういん)) is a health care research institute situated near Lake Elm in southern Crossbell. Since the enormous building also serves as a hospital, it is well known throughout Zemuria for treating foreign patients.

From Crossbell City, St. Ursula Medical College is 30 minutes by orbal bus (153 selge).


St. Ursula

Main article: St. Ursula

St. Ursula is named after the daughter of a therapist who lived during the Middle Ages known for remonstrating with a ruling lord. After that, even the Septian Church canonised her a saint. It is commonly believed that she died young, while she actually survived and married a knight, the two of them remaining in Crossbell for the rest of her life.

The novel The Saint and the White Wolf is based on St. Ursula's legend.

Medical College

St. Ursula Medical College is financially supported by Remiferia.




  • Lytton
  • Gwen
  • Chaleur
  • Flora
  • Michaux




  • Manager Clark
  • Receptionist Sera
  • Superintendent Kirsch (Auberge Lectier[Note 1])
  • Marone
  • Janitor Dyson
  • Security Guard Tony

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  1. Renamed to Buffet & Inn - Lectier in Trails of Cold Steel IV