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The Stargazer's Tower (星見(ほしみ)(とう)) is a tower in Crossbell. It was originally constructed by the Crossbellan alchemists during the Middle Ages.

Since the Crossbell Police Department discovered the tower is on the verge of collapse in S.1194, they have barricaded its entrance.

The Tower is described as 'the place where alchemists of time long past dreamt their dreams'.[1]


Throughout the Stargazer's Tower the higher elementals are active. On the second floor, an enormous balance scale can be found. The scale is not in perfect balance.

The upper floors of the tower house an enormous collection of ancient books, which disappeared in the second of half S.1204. It also features two objects resembles armillary spheres, the left one glowing orange and the right one glowing blue.

On top of the tower is an enormous bell, identical to the one found on Crossbell City's Central Square and other ruins throughout Crossbell.


Zero and Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel III


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