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This page explains the mechanics of status effects (状態変化) in Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd.


A status effect is any alteration that applies to units in combat, characterized by an icon above the unit on the field, and an icon above their stats display in the user interface.

Various effects can be applied through the use of arts, crafts, equipped quartz that modify the user's attacks, or by enemy skills. Status effects are classified depending on how they affect the unit: stat modifiers are effects that directly increase or reduce the unit's stats, while abnormal status are other types of effects that can be beneficial or detrimental. Detrimental abnormal statuses are also referred as ailments.

Only one application of a particular status effect can be active on a unit. Reapplying the same effect will not stack its strength (for stat modifiers) or duration; it will overwrite the previous effect's strength and duration (e.g. Zin's Distend's 30% STR increase for 800 AT will be replaced by Estelle's Morale's 20% STR increase for 500 AT).

Stat modifiers will raise or lower the unit's stats by a percentage of the unit's base stats, without taking into account equipment or quartz.


The duration of a status effect is determined by the type of effect and method of application. Most effects have a duration expressed in AT units, but some effects are permanent until cured or the end of battle, or last only for a certain amount of attacks. This means units with higher SPD will spend more turns under status effects than units with lower SPD.


Negative effects can be resisted, in which case the effect will not apply and RESIST will appear on screen. Player characters can resist status effects by equipping various pieces of equipment, while enemies can have innate resistances to various effects.

List of Abnormal Status

Icon Name Effect Duration
Poison (Sora FC Status).png[note 1]
Poison (Sora Status).png
Take damage after every turn. Wears off.
Blind (Sora Status).png Blind
Attacks and crafts have a 50% chance to miss. Wears off.
Seal (Sora Status).png Seal
Cannot use normal attacks, crafts, or S-Crafts. Wears off.
Mute (Sora Status).png Mute
Cannot use orbal arts. Wears off.
Sleep (Sora Status).png Sleep
Cannot act.
Wake up if attacked.
Wears off.
Faint (Sora Status).png Faint
Cannot act. Wears off.
Freeze (Sora Status).png Freeze
Cannot act.
Take damage after every turn.
Wears off.
Petrify (Sora Status).png Petrify
Cannot act.
Instant K.O. if attacked.
Permanent until removed.
Confuse (Sora Status).png Confuse
Prevents control, attacks enemy and ally alike. Wears off.
Rage (Sora Status).png Rage
Forces attacks on provoker. Wears off.
AT Delay (Sora Status).png AT Delay[note 2]
Delays turn. One-time effect.
Morph (Sora Status).png Morph[note 3]
Reduces area of attacks and lowers STR and DEF by 50%. Wears off.
Vanish (Sora Status).png Vanish/Suspended[note 3]
Character cannot be selected or act.
All EP lost.
Permanent until end of battle. (Sky SC)
Wears off. (Sky the 3rd)
Craft Guard (Sora Status).png Craft Guard[note 2]
Immunity to normal attacks, crafts, and S-Crafts. Wears off.
Art Guard (Sora Status).png Art Guard[note 3]
Immunity to orbal arts. Wears off.
Guard (Sora Status).png Guard/Immune
All damage ineffective. Permanent until hit.
Physical Reflect[note 2] Reflects physical damage back to the user. Permanent (enemy only).
Art Reflect[note 2] Reflects magic damage back to the user. Permanent (enemy only).
Deathblow (Sora Status).png Deathblow/Instant K.O.[note 3]
Reduced to 0 HP instantly. One-time effect.
Can't battle.
All CP lost.
Permanent (even out of battle) until revived.
  1. Poison uses this alternate icon in Trails in the Sky FC.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 These statuses are not listed in the Bracer Notebook.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 These statuses are not listed in the Trails in the Sky FC notebook.

List of Stat Modifiers

Raised Lowered
STR Up (Sora Status).png STR Up[note 1] STR Down (Sora Status).png STR Down[note 1]
DEF Up (Sora Status).png DEF Up[note 2] DEF Down (Sora Status).png DEF Down[note 2]
SPD Up (Sora Status).png SPD Up SPD Down (Sora Status).png SPD Down
ATS Up (Sora Status).png ATS Up[note 3] ATS Down (Sora Status).png ATS Down[note 3]
ADF Up (Sora Status).png ADF Up[note 3] ADF Down (Sora Status).png ADF Down[note 3]
DEX Up (Sora Status).png DEX Up[note 4] DEX Down (Sora Status).png DEX Down[note 4]
AGL Up (Sora Status).png AGL Up AGL Down (Sora Status).png AGL Down[note 5]
MOV Up (Sora Status).png MOV Up MOV Down (Sora Status).png MOV Down[note 5]
  1. 1.0 1.1 STR Up and STR Down statuses apply to both STR and ATS stats in Trails in the Sky FC, based on the unit's base STR.
  2. 2.0 2.1 DEF Up and DEF Down statuses apply to both DEF and ADF stats in Trails in the Sky FC, based on the unit's base DEF.
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