Sting, a NPC met at Krone Pass

Sting is a senior bracer who is met in the Bose region.

Upon running into him, he and Scherazard greet each other and the latter mentions they've worked with each other before, though Schera was still a junior bracer back then.

One of the jobs he's assigned to do is investigate the appearance of strange wolf-like creatures near the Krone Pass checkpoint; the same creatures who eventually attack the checkpoint en masse when Agate is staying there. He's later assigned to an escort job for a traveller from Erebonia.

On the surface, Sting appears to be the polar opposite of Scherazard. While Schera's a generally friendly person who's also a party animal when given the chance, Sting doesn't drink at all and has a rather brusque demeanor, but he still looks out for people around him.

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