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Sully Atraid (シュリ・アトレイド) is a performer with the Arc en Ciel troupe in Crossbell.



Sully is a teenage girl with pale indigo hair and green eyes. In her initial appearance she came out as boyish, easily fooling most people with he baggy blue and green shorts, top and sleeveless jacket whilst concealing her hair with a blue cap.

Her older appearance features short shorts, a black vest top covered by a long-sleeved green wraparound top that leaves her shoulders bare. She wears blue and white sneakers, black socks and a band around her thigh.

As the Star Princess, Sully wears a revealing green and white dancer outfit featuring a short skirt, thigh high stockings and knee high boots, a high collar shirt which bares her midriff, upper arm reaching fingerless gloves and a hairpiece with tails that come down to her thighs.


Sully has a standoffish and tomboyish personality, initially looking out only for herself due to her childhood. She resented the lives of those with privilege and resolved to make her life better by taking from those people. She comes to learn to care for others and become responsible. She is initially shy about her role as a performer but eventually comes into her own confidence and a reliable individual.


Sully was born and raised in the slums of North Ambria.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

She escapes to Crossbell City where she broke into the Arc en Ciel theatre during one of performer Ilya Platiere's rehearsals. Sully resented the unfair gap between the glamorous Ilya and her own miserable life, so she repeatedly broke into Ilya's apartment in Hotel Raisins at The West Street.

When she was caught red-handed by the Special Support Section, Ilya considered Sully a great fit for her team and took her into the Arc en Ciel troupe. Sully became the Star Princess in the play Golden Sun, Silver Moon.

Sully went through a period of depression after the Crossbell City Attack, where Ilya had protected her life at almost the cost of her own life.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Sully comes back from the hospital and announces Ilya is moving to the medical center. Class VII meet her when they go looking for information in the theatre and are introduced. Sully is later with Jona in the Geofront, and the party must escape as their location has been discovered. They run into Cao Lee and in a rush to escape, Kurt picks up Sully and returns with her. They use the SSS building as a safehouse and Sully directs them to find Cecile Neues. Sometime after, Sully is in Raquel with Plie.

Later, Sully is asked to become the lead performer in an Arc en Ciel performance held to distract the Imperial forces in Crossbell. She is initially reluctant with Ilya, but comes around and pulls off a fantastic performance 'Beyond Thousands of Nights'. During the Overture, Rean has a chance to thank her, finding her with Aurier and Kurt. She is a little embarrassed to be with them and asks Kurt to say something to his mother, but Kurt states it is because Aurier has taken a liking to her. Sully and Jona provide communications assistance from the Geofront on the day of the Great War. Sully attends the Imperial Wedding.

Trails into Reverie

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Fortunately, Ilya made a miraculous recovery so she could dance alongside Sully and Rixia Mao during the ousting of the Imperial Defense force in Crossbell. They spend lots of time practising. When Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea takes over, Sully remains in Crossbell, hiding in Ilya's apartment, and resolves to get Ilya back. She comments that they won't lose to Ilya, as she is not using her real dance.

Sully looks after Ilya while she makes her recovery from being the twilight dancer, even motivating her not to give up.

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Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Sully Atraid
Sully Atraid Note (Sen IV).png
Arc en Ciel
A young dancer from Arc en Ciel. More than just a pretty face, she also collaborates with the SSS and helps out Jona.
Home Alone
With Ilya still recovering from her injury, Sully is now all alone in the high-class apartment she and her mentor once shared.
Star Princess
With two of their top dancers out, Sully was forced to step in, and she put on a dazzling show. Is this the birth of a brand-new star?

Sully Atraid Note (Sen IV).png


Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Trails of Cold Steel IV