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Chapter 10 - Path of the High Priestess

The grandfather clock in the parlor struck twice, and Agnes quietly crept out of her room. By the light of the moon, she passed through the cafe and slipped out into the chilly night.

The previous day, she ended up drawing one last card to determine when she should make her move. It was the High Priestess, the second arcana, and thus, 2 AM.

'Ed'll be fine, I just know it,' Agnes had thought. She looked down at her shaking hands. 'I can't get ahead of myself, though. Ed could die if I'm not careful. I just need to follow the cards and wait until 2 AM before doing anything.'


Kagemaru roosted on Agnes' head. He was heavier than he looked. Agnes wondered if his laziness was making him fat. That said, she felt a certain sense of comfort having his weight atop her head. Agnes took a deep breath to center herself beneath the glow of the full moon above.

'Let's get going.'

Now relaxed, she could feel the septium veins flowing beneath the earth. She walked down the dimly lit streets, guided by her instinct towards the darkness beyond.

Anchorville's nights were cold, even at the height of summer. Agnes wore a light sweater. Her cream-colored hair complemented the pale moonlight. With each step, the esmelas necklace around her neck jostled in time.

The tiny stone was the only thing Agnes' mother left to her. The memories had become so distant that Agnes no longer remembered her own mother's face. When Agnes was a child, her mother used her powers in public, and then had to disappear. Such was the law of her clan, though Agnes couldn't recall how she knew such a thing. 'We carry dangerous hidden potential within us. We must keep it hidden and live amongst the others,' she recounted.

Before long, the road led out of the city and came to its end at the base of a large hill. 'A cemetery...' murmured Agnes. The top of the hill was lined with rows of black tombstones. Among them, she saw something moving about.

'Edwin! He's here!' she exclaimed to herself.

Someone in a coat stood some distance away. She recognized his coat; it was still charred from the traffic accident a few weeks ago. 'I've told him so many times to get rid of it, but he's still wearing that ratty thing!' thought Agnes.

She removed Kagemaru from his perch atop her head and crouched behind a gravestone. She berated herself for wearing such a conspicuous outfit. Regardless of her unpreparedness, she knew Edwin was in mortal danger. She steadied her breathing, eyed the distance between herself and Edwin, and slunk into the shadows.

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