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Chapter 3 - Golden Eyes


Edwin dashed out onto the street in the direction of the next block over. He was confident in both his running and his eyesight. Now he was certain. Agnes was in the crowd ahead of him. For just a brief second, their eyes met, but a fleeing bystander bumped Edwin's shoulder, and when he looked back, she was gone. 'Wh-Why is she running from me?!' Edwin yelled to himself.

Another explosion rang out as the crashed bus burst into flames once again. Edwin cursed as he ran to the door of the bus, and took off his coat to smother the flames. As he wrenched open the door, screams and cries for help spilled out. The bus driver's hand dangled limply from the window.

'It doesn't really matter if my draft ends up in the paper,' thought Edwin. 'Never underestimate a righteous reporter!'

'We're going to go shopping today, all right, Kagemaru?' After seeing Edwin off that morning, Agnes was getting ready to go out herself. The night before, she remembered that her uncle's birthday would be coming up soon.

Agnes' uncle, the owner of the cafe, would be turning 40 this year. Were it Edwin's birthday, she would sidestep the issue and say something like, 'Too much of a hassle.' (That said, she would still end up getting him something as she had last year and the year before.) However, she couldn't treat her uncle, to whom she owed so much, the same way.

Agnes set down her glass of water to scold Kagemaru, who was once again sleeping on the counter.

'Are you listening to me, you lazybones?' she thought aloud.

The black cat's only reply was a deep yawn that contorted its face into an ugly abstraction.


While her uncle was moving some beer bottles into the back, Agnes let him know that she was headed to her room on the second floor.

'Maybe I should put on something more comfortable.'

She was in and out of her room in a flash. She made her way back down the hall wearing a light tank top. On her way, she grabbed her favorite knit cap from its peg on the wall, and put it on as she hummed her way down the stairs.

Kagemaru gave her a blank stare. 'What? No one saw anything, so it's not a big deal.' She shrugged at the fussy cat and turned towards the door.

'Let's get going, Kagemaru!'

With a graceful leap, the black cat landed atop her knit cap, sending her cream-colored curls flying about. 'I can't believe you!' she thought. If there was any inconvenience of Agnes' waist-long hair, it was its excessive bounce. She attempted to pin it here and there, but it simply couldn't be tamed.

Ten years ago, Agnes' mother disappeared. Her father was good to Agnes, so she continued to live with him until she was 15. However, her father couldn't give up on finding his wife, so he entrusted Agnes to his brother and left in search of his beloved.

In time, Agnes had come to understand their feelings. Her mother must have loved her father to death.

'Ah, what should I do...?'

Agnes sighed. Numerous food stalls lined the harborside market. She'd come here in search of a gift, but neglected to consider what she was actually going to buy.

'I should've just asked uncle earli--'

Her thought was interrupted by an orbal bus that came hurtling past her.

The large bus had drifted out of its lane, ramped off the median, and launched into the air towards oncoming traffic. Its shining green chassis glared in the sunlight. The tires had bent into unrecognizable shapes and flew away from the body of the bus.

'The driver must already be dead,' thought Agnes. She watched the bus soar through the air. Her confusion gave way to a calm that one wouldn't expect from a young girl such as herself. 'When the bus hits the ground. they will all die. The man in the front row, the pregnant woman near that window... Every single person...will...'


Answering the call, the black cat opened his golden eyes. Agnes closed her eyes tightly and reopened them to reveal a golden pair of her own. Amidst the screams and panic were four golden eyes gazing at the scene that had yet to unfold.

第3回 金の瞳










……と、カゲマルがこっちをじっと見ていた。誰も見てないし、いいでしょ別に。アニエスはそう肩をすくめて歩き出した。「行くよ、カゲマル!」 黒猫はひらりとジャンプして、ニット帽の上に着地した。その拍子に、またクリーム色の髪があちこち撥ねだす。もう、あんたって子は……!




「はぁ、どうしよっかな……」港沿いの市場に来れば出店もたくさんある。そう思って来たけれど、何を買うかまでは考えていなかった。叔父さんに探りを入れておけばよかったかもしれないな…… アニエスはそんな事を思っていたのだった。導力バスの巨体が飛んでくるまでは。



「──カゲマル」 言葉に応え、カゲマルがその金色の目を開いた。アニエスも目を見開いた。人々が悲鳴をあげ、我先にと逃げ出す中、4つの金の瞳がただその先の世界を見詰めていた。