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Chapter 5 - Wind Blowing Downhill

June gave way to July. On the fourth day of that month, Edwin Arnold reminisced on the first round of interviews he had conducted. His supervisors from the political column had overseen the whole affair, though. The subject of said interviews was the matter of Mr. Hart's inheritance. The great intellectual had suddenly passed one month prior, and the longer the inheritance lay unclaimed, the more invested the world became in who would get their hands on it.

'...And the only living relative, his adopted son, died at sea shortly after Hart's own death,' recounted Edwin as he pedaled the bike. 'Just ahead is the Cromwell Street hill. Today's the day! I'll reach the top without stopping even once!' Edwin shouted.

'Hart's best friend and the chairman of the board are both claiming the inheritance... However, there...are rumors that...the son's death was...perpetrated by the two men!' Edwin's breathing had become ragged.

'Hmm... That's a pretty common plot.'


'Heck if I know,' muttered Agnes at the passing landscape.

Agnes sat behind Edwin on the luggage rack. The bike's vibrations shook her and the insulated bag she held in her arms. As it happened, there were many coffee lovers at the Eaton News, Ed's boss, Brandon, included. Thus, Agnes delivered her uncle's coffee there once a week.

The catering service was little more than a hobby for Agnes. Edwin had insisted on doing the delivery himself, but his attempt at being thoughtful had ended up annoying her instead.

'Ha! Righteous reporter getting his start from a cooking column...' mused Agnes. 'Still, even with that dorky attitude of his, when I'm with him like this...I feel so at ease.'

She watched her hair flutter in the wind as it trailed behind her. Meanwhile, a once-again-drowsy Kagemaru let out another yawn as he sat atop Agnes' head.

'She really doesn't get it, does she?' Ed thought to himself. 'If my article can help just one person make a better meal that'll make them feel more at ease, that'll be enough for me...'

Edwin let out a roar, and pedaled up the hill with all his might. 'That's a kind of justice, too, isn't it?!' he screamed.

The bicycle flew over the crest of the hill, until gravity brought it down onto the other side. It propelled itself down the hill effortlessly. Agnes had let out an astonished yelp, but the sound of it was drowned out by the rush of the wind.

'This elation Ed's feeling must be his reward for working hard,' thought Agnes. She clutched her knit hat to her head to keep it from flying off. She laughed at herself for being surprised. Ed was always looking forward. He always went after his goals with that one-track mind of his... Sometimes to the extent that it annoyed her.

'About what you said back there...'

'Huh?! Sorry, I can't hear you!'

Agnes raised her voice to yell over the wind. 'That rumor about someone killing Mr. Hart's heir for the inheritance! Someone could have done it if they were sure they wouldn't be found out!'

Edwin nodded in understanding several times.

'Got it. I'll ask about that in today's interview!'

'Geez...and why would you do that?'

Ed was as dense and simple as they come, but that's also why it was so easy for Agnes to relax around him and be his friend. She made sure he wasn't looking before letting out a wide smile that she'd never shown anyone before. Edwin might stumble today and make a fool of himself, but she knew he'd keep pushing ahead, just as he always did.

She wished she could be there to see it happen...



'If something ever happens, call me. Okay?!'

'I'm a righteous reporter after all!' yelled Edwin. His laughter reverberated beneath the clear, blue sky.

第5回 下り坂に風は吹く














「…………んあ? なんだって!?」「ウェーバーハルト氏の遺産の話よ。







「何かあったらさ、俺を呼べよっ?」なんてったって正義の記者だからなっ! 青天の空にエドウィンの陽気な笑い声がこだましていった。