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Suzanne Egret (シュザンヌ・イーグレット) is the maternal grandmother of Musse.



Suzanne is an older woman with pale lavender hair which is tied back in a bun and pale turquoise eyes. She wears a purple jacket with silver an gold trimming and a matching purple skirt with a white ruffled layer. There is a pale blue decorative shawl around her shoulders with some patterning. She wears simple open violet shoes with heels.


Suzanne is a warm-hearted individual who has a love for Aurelia Le Guin as well as her niece, who she warns not to over-exert herself. She is very welcoming, hosting Musse and her guests and making them tea.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Musse introduces Suzanne and her husband Theodore when new Class VII visit their home in Ordis. She comments that Musse hasn't changed at all and can't wait to be introduced to her friends. She wishes them well and makes them tea, offering her hospitality whenever they are nearby.

After the Great Twilight, Suzanne mentions that they have been travelling the country finding nobles who are more moderate and do not seek war to form a coalition, stating that it has also been an opportunity to see old friends. She has been preparing letters to send to each region and do everything she can to help. She calls Musse her treasure and begs her to return safe and well. She cautions Class VII to be vigilant and to protect Musse.