Bring to me the girl who entrusts her feelings to her blade. Only then shall the door open...

Swordsmanship (剣の道) is the fifth Star Door in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


Star Door 5 can be found in the Balstar Channel in the Fourth Plane. Anelace Elfead is a required party member.


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Taking some time off from her Bracer work, Anelace travels to Leiston Fortress to seek Cassius Bright for training and answers. After asking why Cassius left the path of the sword to take up the staff, feeling that her own resolve has been shaken, Cassius consoles her and states his reasons, requesting that she fight his former pupil Alan Richard. Anelace wins the fight and comes to a realization of her own regarding the sword, and receives Cassius' old blade, Jinu.


  • Alan Richard


  • Completing The Arena Nightmare mode with Anelace Elfead in your party with a Jinu weapon acquired will upgrade the power of her Jinu.


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