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Talion Drake (タリオン・ドレイク) is a member of the Northern Jaegers and a main character in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War.



Talion is a tall man with short blonde hair, bright violet strands, and mint-blue eyes. He wears the standard uniform of the Northern Jaegers, consisting of a dark green combat uniform with blue and white armor plates over his chest, arms, and boots.

When on the mission, Talion wears a black sleeveless jacket with an upturned collar, black leather trousers, and a chain that hangs from his waist.

Talion uses twin spiked gauntlets in combat. Each gauntlet has three spikes.


Talion is serious and straightforward, and faithful toward his duty. He harbours no doubt or hesitation regarding the current situation of his homeland and the corps. He is mild-mannered and considerate of others, which can mean he is taken advantage of at times.

Once he learns the truth about Lavian being related to Vlad Winslet, Martin being a member of the Northern Jaeger squad that raized Celdic and that their mission into the empire ended up giving them a reason to demand reparations for the incident, Talion begins to change and decides to join Jayna Storm's conspiracy as a result.

After joining Jayna's conspiracy, he was willing to shoot his former teammate Lavian after she managed to steal the Archaism control device from Rogan Mugart. However, it was later revealed that he did this to help her escape with the device instead.

By the time the empire invaded North Ambria, Talion had seemingly started showing signs of instability and was shown to smile in a sinister way.

In truth however, Talion only joined Jayna's conspiracy in order to have the chance to kill her.


Talion is a member of the Northern Jaegers. he excels at hand-to-hand combat due to his strength.

Northern War[]

Talion is placed into a platoon with Lavian Winslet, Iseria Frost, and Martin S. Robinson to undertake a risky mission inside the Erebonian Empire. He is the coordinator of the reconnaissance team.