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Tangram Fortress (タングラム要塞), previously known as the Tangram Gate (タングラム門), is a guarded border checkpoint in Crossbell near the eastern border with Calvard. Tangram Gate is built amidst the Tangram Hill and the Cyre River, which flows alongside Crossbell's eastern border into Calvard.

Trails from Zero


Tangram Gate is commanded by the Deputy Commander of the Crossbell Guardian Force Sonya Baelz. Sergeant Major Noel Seeker is stationed here as well. Until the Non-Aggression Pact was signed, the guardsmen at Tangram Gate were kept on their toes due to the Republic Army of Calvard's large-scale training exercises in the Tangram Hill.

While the Special Support Section investigates the threat letter sent to Ilya Platiere, Tangram Gate sends Noel to investigate the broken barricade at Stargazer's Tower. Having been called there by Yin, the SSS and Noel team up to search the tower.

During the Anniversary Festival, the SSS gets notice that the head of a Calvardian smuggling ring is going to cross Tangram Gate on bus. They head there and speak to all the tourists making a stop at the mess hall with the assistance of the guards, pretending to be tourists themselves. They board the bus with them to discuss the identity of the smuggler and arrest them after arriving at Crossbell City.

Afterwards, guards from Bellguard Gate are sent to investigate a strange phenomenon in the Moon Temple, but they're driven off by ghosts and fiends. Noel asks the SSS for help once again to investigate it in place of her Tangram Gate colleagues.

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The SSS calls Tangram Gate to secure St. Ursula Medical College after freeing it from brainwashed Revache members, but they are warned that contact with Bellguard Gate has been lost, with the Bracer Guild coming under attack soon after.

While the forces from Bellguard Gate take Gnosis, due to Joachim Guenter posing it as a supplement to Commander Preston, ending up brainwashed and under the former's control as a result, the Tangram Gate guards aren't given the drug and remained free. After their attack on the Guild, they assault the SSS building, forcing the four, Sergei Lou, Alex Dudley, Shizuku MacLaine and KeA to flee. As they're being chased across the city, they find the CPD's main building also under their assault, and they make their escape to the East Crossbell Highway, with Chief Sergei and Detective Dudley staying behind to cover them.

However, a large contingent of Revache members stopped the SSS and surrounded them. Only the timely intervention of Dieter and Mariabell Crois in their armored car saved them as they took shelter in the IBC building, which ends up besieged by the Bellguard Gate forces. The CGF plants a bomb to break open the gate, forcing the SSS to come out and defend the gate against waves of guardsmen, ending up surrounded again with Joachim speaking through a controller guardsman to demand they turn over KeA to them.

Arios MacLaine arrives to neutralize the rest of the guardsmen and secure the bank with Sergei and Dudley, and they agree to have the Chief drive the SSS to the Sun Fort where Estelle and Joshua have uncovered Joachim's base. While driving they come under assault of the new armored vehicles of the CGF, but Noel drives them off the road with an armored vehicle of her own, letting them continue unimpeded.

Once Guenter has been dealt with, every member of the guard and mafia under his control becomes unconscious, with the Tangram Gate guards restoring order over the city.

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Tangram Gate


Treasure Chests

Key Contents Chest Quote
1 Armour (Crossbell Item).png Soldier Suit How did Clarice Seeker decide her eldest daughter's name?
She wanted to raise a girl who could take no L's.



Mess Hall

Tangram Gate - Mess Hall
Items Sold
Food To Go (Crossbell Item).png Boiled Fish Hotpot Restores 50% HP/CP+30 2000 mira
Sepith Trade
Earth (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Water (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Fire (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Wind (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira
Time (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira Space (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira Mirage (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira

Rest Area

Tangram Gate - Rest Area
Rest 100 mira per party member
Sepith Trade
Earth (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Water (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Fire (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira Wind (Crossbell Element).png = 20 mira
Time (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira Space (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira Mirage (Crossbell Element).png = 30 mira

Trails of Cold Steel III


Following the annexation of Crossbell, Tangram Gate was further fortified under Erebonian management. On July 10, S.1206, it was announced that constructions were completed and that the gate would now be known as Tangram Fortress.

In order to deal with invasions from Calvard, 50-arge high walls have been erected and a total of eight railway guns have been deployed at the fortress. Furthermore, the Imperial Army started collaborating with an armoury in Crossbell City's western suburb. Tangram Fortress also plays an important role in the coordination of the new battleships from the command headquarters in Garrelia Fortress.


Imperial Army

Crossbell Guardian Force



  • Garrison
  • Burrell
  • Alexei
  • Flammy
  • Oliver
  • Jack
  • Nowe
  • Daimon


  • Temas (canteen)
  • Rog (resting area)



  • Calvard's westernmost city, Altair, can be seen from Tangram Gate.
  • Tangram is a popular dissection puzzle that originated in China. It is unclear how this relates to Tangram Gate.