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Tangram Fortress (タングラム要塞), previously known as the Tangram Gate (タングラム門), is a guarded border checkpoint in Crossbell near the eastern border with Calvard. Tangram Gate is built amidst the Tangram Hill and the Kylo River, which flows alongside Crossbell's eastern border into Calvard.


Until the Non-Aggression Pact was signed, the guardmen at Tangram Gate were kept on their toes due to the Republic Army of Calvard's large-scale training exercises in the Tangram Hill.

Imperial Fortifications (S.1205-)

Following the annexation of Crossbell, Tangram Gate was further fortified under Erebonian management. On July 10, S.1206, it was announced that constructions were completed and that the gate would now be known as Tangram Fortress.

In order to deal with invasions from Calvard, 50-arge high walls have been erected and a total of eight railway guns have been deployed at the fortress. Furthermore, the Imperial Army started collaborating with an armoury in Crossbell City's western suburb. Tangram Fortress also plays an important role in the coordination of the new battleships from the command headquarters in Garrelia Fortress.


Imperial Army

Crossbell Guardian Force



  • Garrison
  • Burrell
  • Alexei
  • Flammy
  • Oliver
  • Jack
  • Nowe
  • Daimon


  • Temas (canteen)
  • Rog (resting area)



  • Calvard's westernmost city, Altair, can be seen from Tangram Gate.
  • Tangram is a popular dissection puzzle that originated in China. It is unclear how this relates to Tangram Gate.