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Tatiana (タチアナ) is a student in Class IX of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.


Tatiana is born in S.1190 in the Kreuzen Province, Erebonia. She is the daughter of a viscount, making her nobility.[2]

On the one hand, her father's overprotective upbringing makes it difficult for Tatiana to talk to others, in particular male students. On the other hand, growing up with her father's patrician taste gave Tatiana a solid grasp on orbal terminals, which are still few and far between throughout Erebonia.

Both she and fellow Thors student Musse Egret enjoy books targeted on teenage girls, especially the ones written by Thors alumna Dorothee.

Tatiana joins Class IX under Instructor Towa Herschel. Her roommates in the dormitory are Sandy and Valery. The courses she excels at in the academy are mathematics and fine arts.[1]

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Tatiana Note (Sen III)
Class IX: Military Finance (Literature Club)
A shy girl from a noble family. She often seems nervous around others and has trouble expressing herself.
Sheltered Girl
Fears strangers (especially men) due to her father's strict teachings. However, Rean's words of wisdom give her courage.
A huge fan of Rean's schoolmate, Dorothee. After finding a new book, she immediately called Musse (who shares her interests).

Tatiana Note (Sen III)


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