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Tatiana (タチアナ) is a student in Class IX of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.



Tatiana is a petite young woman with golden blonde hair, tied into braided buns and amber eyes. She wears the standard uniform of the Branch Campus, consisting of a blue blazer and waistcoat, white skirt, skirt and a blue cap. Tatiana also wears white tights, wraparound shoes with a white cord and a aquamarine brooch with two ribbon ties.


Tatiana is initially very shy and introverted. On the one hand, her father's overprotective upbringing makes it difficult for Tatiana to talk to others, in particular male students. On the other hand, growing up with her father's patrician taste gave Tatiana a solid grasp on orbal terminals, which are still few and far between throughout Erebonia. Over time, she grows more comfortable in the presence of others.

Both she and fellow Thors student Musse Egret enjoy books targeted on teenage girls, especially the ones written by Thors alumna Dorothee. She inherited a love of reading from her father, and didn't just limit herself to one genre, but likes to immerse herself in all sorts of worlds and fantasies.


Tatiana was born in S.1190 in the Kreuzen Province, Erebonia. She is the daughter of a viscount, making her nobility.[2]Her father brought her up to not trust strangers, and especially boys who 'are like monsters' in his words. Her father did allow her to see the outside world however. She is skilled in orbal terminals because her father received one from a friend in Roer that he could never figure out how to use it so Tatiana took to it instead.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Tatiana joins Class IX: Military Finanace under Instructor Towa Herschel. Her room-mates in the dormitory are Sandy and Valerie. The courses she excels at in the academy are mathematics and fine arts.[1] Tatiana joins the literature club, whose only other member is Ash Carbide. She thinks Ash is kind of scary at the beginning but tries her best. Over time, she warms up to him, finding him hard working, smart and even even taking book recommendations from him.

Rean by chance finds her praying to Aidios in the church to get out of her misery. After asking what is wrong, Tatiana reveals she has lost a favoured book. after getting it mixed up with one with a similar cover. Rean tracks down the book and returns it to her, discovering the book's contents: 'Lovers in the Spring Breeze by Dorothee. Tatiana gives her backstory and explains why she is nervous around boys. Later, Rean would also help her study and pick out some careless errors in her notebook.

On the Derfflinger, Tatiana is helping with the comms team, accounting and operation. She is in charge of collecting interesting journals and documents.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

After the Great Twilight, Tatiana headed for the Sutherland region. Class VII go looking for her, tracking her down to the Titus gate where she has been exchanging information with Margarita Dresden. They follow her trail towards Hamel, and save her form monsters. She had sighted Ash and had followed him. After reconvening with the others, Tatiana helps send the Soldats to Hamel to help retrieve Ash. She is relived to see him but doesn't accompany the party, having not completed information gathering in Sutherland yet.

Tatiana is part of the group searching for mysterious noise signals, which Rean's party come to her aid with. It is noted she is like a different person and seems much more confident in herself. they discover the source as an old archaism in stealth mode triggered by Black Pleroma. At Mishelam, Tatiana goes to the horror coaster on Ash's request, but finds it very scary. Rean notes they are strangely compatible.

On the Courageous II in the final battle, Tatiana monitors the radar for Ouroboros ships.

Hajimari no Kiseki

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Tatiana has a chance to meet Dorothee at the upper classmen reunion. At the preparations for the Branch Campus festival, Tatiana tries to get ash to help come up with a club activity, suggesting a book taster session with tea and snacks. She notes Ash is incredibly wrapped up in thought, especially when he shrugs off a comparison between himself and Kurt being like characters in one of Dorothee's novels. She offers her support when Ash reveals he has been placed on the executive committee.

Tatiana is to do some live reading as part of the Literature club's offering, which she is nervous about doing unless Ash was with her. However, she pulls through thanks to his support. In the end, Tatiana works up the courage to say she doesn't want Ash to leave Thors and wants to stay with him in the club forever. She is selected to join the Student council as the accountant, after having already helping with the academy's finances.

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Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Tatiana Note (Sen III).png
Class IX: Military Finance (Literature Club)
A shy girl from a noble family. She often seems nervous around others and has trouble expressing herself.
Sheltered Girl
Fears strangers (especially men) due to her father's strict teachings. However, Rean's words of wisdom give her courage.
A huge fan of Rean's schoolmate, Dorothee. After finding a new book, she immediately called Musse (who shares her interests).

Tatiana Note (Sen III).png

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Tatiana Note (Sen III).png
Class IX: Military Finance
A shy girl from a noble family. She often seems nervous around others and has trouble expressing herself.
Be Brave
Compared to before, Tatiana is now much more confident talking to people. Of all the students, she's come the farthest.
Read All About It
Tatiana and the Literature Club are planning to make a magazine once the war is over. Dorothee has taken her under her wing.

Tatiana Note (Sen III).png


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