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Infobox for song articles, such as those in Category:Songs.


  • name: Optional. Title of infobox, song name/article name. Fills in with srticle name by default.
  • video: Optional. Main video file for infobox.
  • caption": Optional. Caption under video.

Song parameters

These are all optional infobox fields.

  • name_en: English name
  • name_ja: Japanese
  • name_ja_romaji: Romaji
  • debut: Game debut
  • composer: Composer(s)

Arrangement parameters

For each arrangement you want to list (first one, "1", is shown by default, rest are collapsed by default), these are all optional infobox fields.

  • a#_video: Video
  • a#_caption: Video caption
  • a#_name: Song name (for this album, can be the same as above)
  • a#_album: Album
  • a#_arrangement: >Arrangement
  • a#_recording: Recording
  • a#_mastering: Mastering
  • a#_performance: Performance
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