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This template provides a standard header template for all other Navigation Templates. When used over providing the header yourself, you get:
  • Correct centering of header title text.
  • Clear, concise code on the navigation template page.
  • Expanding/collapsing. Starts out expanded on the page name you pass in to the first parameter (so viewing/editing the navigation template is easier).
  • Call to {{tnav}} using the provided page name.

This template creates the start of a table. Use the "|}" markup to end it after providing navigational links.


  • first param: Provides the page name of the caller. You should use the name of the template for this.
  • second param: Provides the text to place in the header. You should use a friendly name, such as a game's title (and link to game) or the set of things this template is to navigate.
  • third param: Sets how collapsing works.
    • Default action: collapsible but start hidden.
    • Use "show" to make it always expanded with no collapsing (no button either).
    • Use "expand" to make it collapsible but start visible. This is the same behavior as if first param is equal to {{PAGENAME}}.
  • span: DEFAULT: 2. This sets the number that is passed to create the table header's colspan. Standard navigational templates have a short header part on the left and a long content part on the right, so "2" columns are spanned to create this header.
  • class: DEFAULT: "navbox". This sets the CSS class for the created table.


On page Template:Nav Lists Books:

{{NavHeader|Nav Lists Books|Books}}
| colspan="2" class="article-table-sub-header" |Lists of books - [[Liberl arc]]
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