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This template makes use of one or more other templates to function.
Depends on: {{NavHeader}} and {{Tnav}}

This template produces a previous & next navigation bar for the bottom of Category:Books pages for books with multiple entries (series).


{{PrevNext|prev=Previous Entry|next=Next Entry}}

The parameters prev and next are optional, but sensibly, at least one should be present. Both should provide the name of the subpage that the previous/next entry should link to.

For example, the book Red Moon Rose has multiple chapters, each numbered 1 through 12 and a Finale. The first chapter would have only the next parameter set to "Chapter 2" and the last chapter would have only the "prev" parameter set to "Chapter 12". All other chapters would get both parameters set to "Chapter #" for some chapter numbered # (or Next=Finale for Chapter 12).

Optionally, a chapter title can be provided by prev_title and next_title parameters.

The template will use the parser function {{#titleparts:}} which will find the book's name (the root page) and link to the specified subpage. Override this series page name with the series parameter. Override the link text of the link (the title of the series) with the series_title parameter.


{{PrevNext|series=Liberl News (Sky FC)|next=Issue 2}}

{{PrevNext|series=Red Moon Rose|prev=Chapter 10|prev_title=Into the Darkness|next=Chapter 12|next_title=Elder Vampire}}

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