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Tharbad (サルバッド), also known as Tharbad, the Entertainment City (遊興都市サルバッド), is a city in southeastern Calvard.


Facing the desert, Tharbad was originally a village renowned for its inn, where traditional dances and music from the Middle East flourished. Improvements to the underground water veins and the increase in availability of water resulted in an urban development plan for the present-day tourist resort.

Ever since, the city has been divided in two districts: the modern city and the traditional district. The modern city offers a glamorous atmosphere, home to the up-and-coming Vegas Film, six-star hotels and casino. The traditional distict retains its original culture with vibrant bazars, popular among tourists.


  • Vegas Film
  • Casino House - Moulin
  • Night Club - Lelouche
  • Tharbad Station