Thaumaturgy (法術) are a special set of healing techniques passed down in the Septian Church, primarily among members of the Gralsritter.


Thaumaturgy are arts cast through prayer rather than orbment.[1] Although some practicioners say it affects the spirit and mind,[1] other practicioners say it can only heal physical wounds (in contrast to restoring lost stamina).[2] The highest ranking Gralsritter, the Dominion, are capable of using high-level Thaumaturgy.[3]

The archbishop of Crossbell Cathedral, Archbishop Eralda, instructed his own clergy to study Thaumaturgy so there would be no reason to rely on the Gralsritter.

Weapons blessed with thaumaturgy are capable of defeating ghouls and vampires.[4]

Known thaumaturgic arts

Below is a list of known arts of thaumaturgy.

  • In the name of She Who Dwells Above do I hold this consecrated septium. Space's golden glow... Consciousness' silver glow... By your opposing natures, reveal to them the path that leads to your sacrament!� ; Initially show by Kevin before entering the Primal Ground beneath Grancel Cathedral this art is used by him to parse the truth behind Erika and Cid's words before revealing the hidden entrance to the Primal Ground. If either's words where not found true through this art the door would not have been revealed for them.


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