Bring to me the fists of steel which nothing in this world can move. Only then shall the door open...

The Arena (裏武術大会) is the third Sun Door in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


Sun Door 3 can be found in Grancel Grand Arena in the Second Plane. Zin Vathek is required in the party for the normal difficulty, and a tournament invitation is required for the Hard and Nightmare difficulties.


A mysterious Gentlefriend and host welcome the party to Phantasma's Arena where they face off against improbable teams of foes in a bid to prove themselves the strongest. There are three levels, each with increasingly difficult opponents. The Gentlefriend introduces the rules and the opponents as 'History's strongest warriors'.



1. Team Men in Black

  • Man in Black - Blade (x2)
  • Man in Black - Gun (x4)

2. Team Creepy Sheep

  • Black Sheep (x1)
  • Pink Sheep (x1)
  • Creepy Sheep (x6)

3. Team Gilbert

  • G-Apache (x1)
  • Spindoll (x2)


1. Team Black Jaegars

  • Black Jaegar (x4)
  • Steel Cougar (x2)

2. Thirteen factories-manufactured Team Reingold

  • Gold Leour (x2)
  • Gold Vanguard (x6)

3. Team Baby Dragon

  • Tiny Ragnard (x1)
  • Seahorse demon (x7)


1. Team Old Toughies

2. Team Orgueille mk. III

  • Orgueille mk. III

3. Team Taito

4. Grand Final. Team Blades


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