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The true form of McBurn, the Overlord of the Beyond.

The Beyond ((そと) lit. "outside") is the name used to refer to everything outside of Zemuria, a place that functions on "laws" that exist outside of the world created by the Goddess.[1]

This concept is the truth behind many unexplained phenomena in Zemuria, most notably the Salt Pale.


According to McBurn, consuming Gnosis allows one to be free of the shackles of the world defined by the Goddess and learn what lies beyond.[1] Gaius Worzel states that the Septian Church knows about the Beyond, but that they attribute all the events it causes to the Goddess as a means of keeping the peace of Zemuria.[1] Emma Millstein states that if one were to travel too far out by air or sea from Zemuria, they would not be able to pass a certain location, suggesting that the Beyond surrounds Zemuria.[1]

Specific examples of phenomena from the Beyond that the Church has attributed to the Goddess include the Salt Pale and the Planes where "angels and demons dwell". It is hinted that the Sept-Terrion are also related to the Beyond, but the details are unknown.[1] Although demonic entities are implied to be from the Beyond, the only known being from the Beyond is McBurn, who "merged" with an unknown individual upon visiting Zemuria around S.1156. He is referred to as the Overlord of the Beyond by Valimar and the Grandmaster, and his title in-game is Fallen Demon from the Beyond (()ちたるの魔神(まじん)).

After regaining his memories, McBurn states that "The world I was from... is already..." [Note 1], implying that something may have happened to the Beyond during his fifty year absence. This is also brought up by the Grandmaster later, saying that McBurn, the "former Overlord of the Beyond", has realized "the truth of his home".

Divergent Laws

Divergent Laws ((そと)(ことわり) lit. "logic of outside"), is described by Emma Millstein as a phenomenon that exist "beyond" the knowledge of the goddess Aidios.[1] Thus far, most has been attributed to weapons given by the Grandmaster of Ouroboros to an Anguis or an Enforcer. Weapons known to be crafted through Divergent Laws are capable of triumphing over even the Sept-Terrion.

List of known Divergent Laws weapons

  • The staff capable of controlling space, wielded by Georg Weissmann.
  • The demon sword Angbar (アングバール), wielded by McBurn.
  • The demon sword Kernviter (ケルンバイター), wielded by Leonhardt.





  1. The official in-game text is "I spent all that time looking for answers, and it turns out...", but it is largely inaccurate from the original Japanese line "……俺のいた世界は……もう……"