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Chapter 15 - A Little Decision

'Her Highness knew the truth of the Blue Knight. And yet, she chose to pretend not to. Do you really not understand why?'


Unexpectedly, in the depths of his mind, he had a flash of insight.

'Sir Pedro. Silence,' she had said. And then, 'I pretended not to notice.'

He recalled the sad, lonely smile she gave him when she revealed it.

Something hot boiled up inside his chest.

Pedro raised his head and fixed Capri with an intense gaze.

'Master, I beg of you! Help me repair the Blue Knight!'

The old man studied his face.

'The masked puppeteer you fought is a man feared like a demon in our trade. A half-baked man can't hope to match him. Do you understand?'

'Even so, I will... For the person who believed in me!'

When he said this, Capri smiled broadly, as if something grand had just fallen in his lap.

It was the day before the crowning ceremony. At the palace, the princess' absence had been noticed and the royal keep fell into uproar from top to bottom.

第15話 ささやかな決意


『そ、それは……』 不意に、脳裏にひらめくものがありました。

“ペドロ様は、黙っててください” そう言った時の、どこか怒ったような表情。 “気付かないふりをしていました” そう打ち明けた時の、さみしそうな笑顔。 胸の奥で、熱いものが込み上げました。

ペドロは顔を上げて、カプリの鋭い視線を 真正面から受け止めました。 『師匠、お願いします!蒼騎士の修理、手伝ってください!』


『それでも、やります。僕を信じてくれた人のために!』 すると、得たりとばかりに カプリは莞爾#4R かんじ#と笑いました。

それは、戴冠式の前日のこと。 おりしも王宮は、王女失踪の報せに 上へ下への大騒ぎになっていました。