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Chapter 7 - Turbulent Days

Protecting the princess proved harder than predicted. After all, almost every day there were new ne'er-do-wells sent after her.

Eventually, partially due to their closeness in age, Princess Tia and Pedro, still playing the servant, came to speak very openly to each other.

While glad for the princess' trust, he didn't know what he would do if the truth of the Blue Knight came out.

Pedro was beside himself with worry.

On the other side of the city, a letter was delivered to a certain puppet workshop.

'What is that boy doing...'

Guessing the circumstances from the very vague statements in Pedro's letter, Capri sighed and gave a bitter smile.

'However, perhaps this is a good chance,' he mused.

Pedro was ever bright, and straight as an arrow, yet his thoughts were always of puppets. Partially due to living outside the city, he had no friends he could call close, and yet it hardly seemed as if he felt lonely for it.

While the role of escort to the princess was perhaps beyond his station, if it proved a chance to awaken more human feelings in his apprentice, Capri could only wish him the best with a parent's heart.

第7話 穏やかならざる日々

王女の護衛は、予想以上に大変でした。 なにしろ、毎日のように ならず者が送り込まれてくるのです。

そのうちに、年が近いこともあってか ティーア姫は、従者を装うペドロにも 親しく声をかけるようになりました。

王女の信頼は嬉しかったのですが 蒼騎士の正体が知れたらどうなることか。 ペドロは気が気でありませんでした。

一方、郊外にある人形工房には ペドロからの伝言状が届けられました。

『何をやっとるんじゃ、あやつは……』 あいまいに綴#2Rつづ#られた文面から おおよその事情を察したカプリは 苦笑まじりに、ため息をつきました。

『じゃが、いい機会かもしれんな』 ほがらかで、性根もまっすぐなのに いつも人形のことばかり考えているペドロ。 郊外に住んでいることもあって 親しい友人に恵まれていないにも関わらず それを淋しく思っている様子も見られません。

王女殿下の護衛は恐れ多いながらも これを機会に、人の情に目覚めてくれたら。 カプリは、親心にそう願うのでした。