All may set foot within this door; to lay claim to its rewards, however, you must first overcome a trial. Should this fail to deter you, open the door, and step inside....

The Epstein Foundation (エプスタイン財団) is the seventh Star Door in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


Star Door 7 can be found in the Luminous Labyrinth in the Fifth Plane. A battle must be fought before entry.


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This door details the development of orbal technologies following the work of Professor C. Epstein and the start of the Orbal Revolution. It continues to describe the actions of his three disciples: Albert Russell, G. Schmidt and L. Hamilton who not only founded the Epstein Foundation in his name, but left Leman after Epstein's death to spread the seeds of orbal technology around the world, in accordance with their mentor's dream.


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