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“This is the End, as well as the Beginning ─”
The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki (英雄伝説 (はじまり)の軌跡, literally "Trails of the Beginning") is the tenth installment in the main Trails series. It is scheduled for release on 27 August 2020 on PlayStation 4.



The game takes place after the Great Twilight and events of Trails of Cold Steel IV. It focuses the intertwining fates of three protagonists operating throughout Zemuria: the hero, Rean Schwarzer; the liberator, Lloyd Bannings; and the Hermit, a masked person named C. The perspective of the game alternates between these three groups through the Cross Story mechanism.[1]


The Day of Reindependence Crossbell Emblem Lost Symbol Erebonia Crest The Miserable Sinners Crossbell EmblemErebonia Crest
Lloyd Bannings

Elie MacDowell

Tio Plato

Randy Orlando

Noel Seeker

Wazy Hemisphere

Rixia Mao

Rean Schwarzer

Juna Crawford

Kurt Vander

Altina Orion

Musse Egret

Ash Carbide


Swin Abel

Nadia Rayne

Lapis Rosenberg


Round of Seven characters:
Cross Story/Episode characters:
Other characters:

List of episodes

Name Description Characters
Justice Duo
Machias, who visited Crossbell in anticipation of the Imperial Army's withdrawal, and Dudley, in command of the re-independence signing ceremony, order the same coffee at the same café during working hours now work together to investigate the trouble that has been brewing. Machias Regnitz
Alex Dudley
Mark of Alumni
Former Student Council members Lechter, Lucy and Klose hold a tea party before the organisation of a reunion in Liberl. During their gathering, Lechter is contacted by Intelligence Division and has to leave the place. Lechter Arundel
Klaudia von Auslese
Lucy Seiland
Recollection of the Witches
Having returned to Eryn, Emma one day discovers her mother's hidden notes in Roselia's possession. Emma and Celine guess these are related to her mother's death and team up with the visiting Vita to investigate an unknown Spirit Shrine. Emma Millstein
The Path I Chose
Randy and Michael each decide on go their own way after the end of their term at Thors Branch Campus and Rean continues to guide students as instructor of Class VII. As her co-workers set their plans for the future, Towa heads toward the Thors' reunion still worrying over how to continue her own path. Towa Herschel
Reunion: Melancholy of the Maiden
As the confusion from the Great Twilight is settled and peace returns to Heimdallr, someone rendered invisible through technological means invades the RMP office and steals information related the Imperial Army. Claire suspects the involvement of Hercules or Ouroboros and enlists Sara Valestein and Sharon Kreuger's help to track down the culprit. In turn, Claire is watched by a woman with scorned eyes. Claire Rieveldt

Radiant Departure

Right before the wedding ceremony, Scherazard opens up before Empress Priscilla about her anxieties in front of her traditional imperial family wedding dress. When she returns to the Valflame Palace's anteroom to meet up with Prince Olivert, who discussed his future life with Mueller and Zechs Vander, they find a message card from a certain someone. Olivert Reise Arnor
Scherazard Harvey



New Kiseki - Key Visual

Key visual

In celebration of the series' 15th anniversary, Nihon Falcom revealed details for the next Kiseki title in Dengeki PlayStation, Volume 677. The reveal includes a key visuals with all the protagonists, including a trail leading from Estelle Bright, Lloyd Bannings and Rean Schwarzer to the back of two new characters.

The article points out the possibilities that these two characters are the protagonists and their similarities with the eponymous protagonists of the novel series Three and Nine, which could be collected in Trails of Cold Steel IV.[2] Standing near them are Wazy Hemisphere, without his Gralsritter attire, and Crow Armbrust. Rixia Mao, Thoma Worzel and Scarlet, whose character designs were previously shown at Dengeki's Game Festival on March 24, 2019, are confirmed to appear in this title.[3] A map of the entirety of Zemuria, shrouding its eastern half still in darkness, was also revealed.[4]

Key Visual (Hajimari)

Key visual

The new Kiseki title was revealed as Hajimari no Kiseki on 18 December 2019.[5]


Key visuals

Promotional screenshots


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