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“The land of dawn can be beheld past the shining blade, at the far end of the azure sky...”
Kuro no Kiseki's slogan

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki (英雄伝説 (くろ)の軌跡, literally "Trails in the Dark") is the eleventh installment in the main Trails series. It will be released in 2021 on PlayStation 4.



The game marks the second half of the Trails series, set in Calvard. The story is set in S.1208, a year after Hajimari no Kiseki. Thanks to postwar reparations, the multinational state of Calvard experiences unprecedented economic growth while continuously dealing with public unrest caused by immigration and the new president's radical reforms. In a corner of Edith, a young man working as a Spriggan receives a peculiar job that will result into something larger, affecting the entirety of the Republic.


“Spriggan” - A type of underground business born from the diversity that is the Calvard Republic. At times as a detective, at times as a negotiator, at other times as a bounty hunter, they accept all types of requests from anyone. Subcontract work from the police on request that they can’t handle, consultations about things “can’t see the light of day” from civilians, even “legitimate” requests from criminals and underground groups. That is the way of those that are called the “Spriggan”. The year is 1208 of the Septian Calendar. In the slums of the capital city of Calvard, in a rundown old building, a refined looking girl wearing the uniform of renowned school was paying visit. “Arkride Resolution Office” She stared dignified at the simple letters on the plate. She swallowed audibly and knocked on the door three times ... “(YAAAWN), a visitor before lunch... that’s unusual...” At a glance, lazy but composed, seemingly mature but rather quite the young man’s voice rang out and the doorknob turned slowly. -Here is the beginning of a new “Trails (story)”.

裏解決屋(スプリガン)』―― カルバード共和国という多様性の坩堝(るつぼ)から生まれた、ある種の“裏稼業”。 ある時は探偵(ディテクティブ)として、ある時は交渉人(ネゴシエーター)として、またある時は賞金稼ぎ(バウンティハンター)として、彼らはどんな、そして誰からの依頼でも受ける。 警察では扱い切れない依頼の下請け、市民からの“表沙汰にできない”相談事、さらには犯罪者やアンダーグラウンド勢力の“真っ当な”依頼も。 それが、『裏解決屋』と呼ばれる彼らの流儀であった。 時に、七耀暦1208年―― 共和国首都・旧市街にある古ぼけた雑居ビルを名門校の制服に身を包んだ、いかにも育ちの良さそうなひとりの女生徒が訪れていた。 『アークライド解決事務所』 素っ気ない文字で書かれたそのプレートを、凛とした眼差しで見つめる少女。 コクンと喉を鳴らし、意を決してノックを3回。 ………… 『~ふわああっ、昼前に珍しいな……』 だらしないようで落ち着いた、大人びているようで意外と若い男の声が響き、ドアノブがゆっくりと回り出す。 ――ここから、新たな “軌跡(ものがたり)”が始まる。



Artwork for Kuro's protagonist, Van Arkride.

Nihon Falcom announced Kuro no Kiseki', alongside Nayuta no Kiseki Kai and Trails of Cold Steel IV for Switch, on 17 December 2020. The character for "kuro" (黎, black) is taken from the Japanese word for dawn (黎明(れいめい)), for the game promises to shed light, like a sunrise, on the mysterious of previous games. On 20 December 2020, Falcom revealed character artwork for the protagonist and heroine, and that Zero and Ao no Kiseki artist Katsumi Enami would return as illustrator for Kuro.


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