The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga- (英雄伝説(えいゆうでんせつ) 閃の軌跡(センノキセキ)Ⅳ -THE END OF SAGA-(~ジ・エンド・オブ・サーガ~)) is the ninth installment in the main Trails series, and the fourth and final game of the Erebonia arc set in Erebonia.

The game was released on September 27, 2018 on PlayStation 4.



Well then, Rean. Let us dye the world in despair, the dismal end of the fairy tale.

He stays crouched in the darkness of twilight. With the glow gone, the curse spreads through the empire. His cannot express his regrets, no matter how deep his agony. Answers he will not get, no matter how much he asks. Unable to protect what was dear to him and doing what cannot be undone, he wallows in despair. Even his fate as a sacrifice he came to accept.

That is what remains of the Ashen Chevalier, Rean Schwarzer.

And the world has start to move toward its end. Erebonia, the greatest military state in history, overwhelms the world under the name of the Earth Dragon, Jormungand. In turn, the world tries it worst by playing it lowest trump cards to catch the dragon and decapitate its head. All while knowing that the black will attempts to fulfill their long-cherished desire through this conflagration and the snakes' aim in order to make their master's dream come true, resorting to any means necessary.

Grab them at their collars and make sure they understand! Is that "role" not one only we can fullfill!?

Those words rekindled the worn souls.

Erebonian Empire, Thors Military Academy's Class VII. Overcoming differences in social standing, nationality and joined by their juniors, together they are the "best" class. They rise against the demise. They walk tall in order to retrieve their light and their wings.

Well then, let's see it for ourselves: the end of this damn fairy tale.


Prologue: "Changing World ~From the Bottom of Darkness~"

序章 変わる世界~闇の底から~ / Two weeks after the Gral of Erebos events, Juna Crawford, Kurt Vander and Altina Orion find themselves waking up from a coma in an unknown place. They learn this place is the hidden village of Elin, governed by elder Roselia and the home of the Hexen Clan. Also in the village are Original Class VII and Randy Orlando, from whom they learn the whole story of their escape from the Gral, their separation from Musse, the situation surrounding Ash and how other students and collaborators managed to get away... except for, as everyone is painfully aware, Rean Schwarzer and Millium Orion.

Suddenly Juna remembers the exchange between Rean and Giliath Osborne. Following up on Kurt's deduction, Altina reveals that they are indeed father and son. Fuelled by anger, Juna desperately calls out to Original Class VII to get their friends back. Inspired by their classmate, Kurt and Altina then also voice their will and resolution. As if they snapped back to their senses, Original Class VII makes up their mind and get to action in order to rescue their dear friends. Rather than each going their own way, Original and New Class VII are determined to overcome the hardships as one united Class VII in the face of this adversity.

In the meanwhile, the Pantagruel, flagship of the Weissland Army, soars through imperial airspace. On board are General Aurelia Le Guin, Brigadier General Wallace Bardias and the Azure Abyss, Vita Clotilde, awaiting the arrival of their leader who appears behind them: Duchess Mildine Juzalith de Cayenne. While she prepares for the turbulence to come she places her trust in her classmates and smiles quietly.

Act 1 - Class VII's Trials

第I部 VII組の試練 / Act 1
8/2 | Together with Randy, Juna, Kurt and Altina are guided to the Saint-Gral Labyrinth by Roselia. In order to regain their former combat capabilities and stamina, they are thrown into a strict rehabilitation course. Determined to join up with Original Class VII's activities outside Elin, the three students enthusiastically engage in their training.

Making use of their crafts and Brave Orders, they make their way to the end of the labyrinth. There Roselia awaits them. In order to pass today's trial, they have to fight Roselia and, with Randy's support, endure the true strength of the vampire's True Ancestor. After the trial, Roselia informs them they finished the first round of their trial. Initially surprised that there was more to come, the students are determined to see their training through.

That night, Randy and Roselia join the students in dipping into the Fairy's Hotspring. The warm water and great company is doing wonders for the mind and body so they feel refreshed to continue their training the next day.

8/7 | After several days of training in the Saint-Gral Labyrinth, Juna, Kurt and Altina learn about the Occult Points that have appeared throughout Erebonia via the investigations of Original Class VII and Roselia's visions. By sticking wedges into the ground of these areas, they might be able to locate the stronghold of the Gnomes - and with it, the place Rean might have been captured. Set on this method, Original and New Class VII set off to find the Occult Points. Before New Class VII's departure to the Sutherland Province, Roselia gives them their wedge and a pendulum to make it out of Elin.

After warping their way out of Elin through the Magic Forest, they wind up in Ishtmia Great Forest. They continue their trip out of the forest and eventually make it to Sutherland's provincial capital, Saint-Arkh. Using the temporary Bracer Guild in the apartment complex as their base, they start gathering information in Saint-Arkh's districts. The four are soon to notice the influence of the Great Twilight in the behaviour of soldiers and the conscription speed.

Upon returning to the guild house, they meet their Thors II schoolmate Kairi. After the Gral of Erebos events, Kairi tells he wound up in the area together with Tatiana and Pablo, and have started gathering information ever since. In order to track down more clues regarding the Occult Points, they head to Parm to meet up with the other two students.

On their way, they find dark red Pleroma Grass growing on the former base they were stationed at during their first field trip. In one corner of the field, they find the Panzer Soldat Juna piloted during the Gral events and, independently, it attacks the Magic Golem that emerged from the Pleroma Grass. According to Roselia, who contacts them after the battle, they have become secondary contractors during the Gral of Erebos incident which may have inexplicably powered the Soldat. Reassured and with a new lead on the Pleroma, they resume their trip.

After arriving in Parm, they discover that the Vander Training Hall has been confiscated by the army and turned into a conscription office. They meet up with Pablo, who had been waiting for them in order to exchange information. In order to meet up with Tatiana, they would have to make way to the Titus Gate on the southern border with Liberl.

At the Titus Gate, they find the 1st Armored Division that was until now in charge of protecting Heimdallr. They find not Tatiana, but Rean's peer Margarita Dresden inside the resting area of the fortress. She tells them Tatiana was determined to find the person from the same club as herself, which was enough information for Class VII to settle on their next destination: the forgotten village of Hamel. On their way to the village ruins, they find Tatiana alongside the heavy armor Soldat, Hector. The path toward the village is riddled with Pleroma Grass and at the end, as expected, they find their classmate, Ash Carbide. Overcome with guilt and feeling unworthy to return to Class VII, Ash's argument is refuted by his classmates. Kurt's words in particular bring him back to his senses.

At that very moment, Ouroboros-deployed enhanced jaegers under command of Gilbert Stein show up. Ash tactfully launches a counter-attack, only to run into Zephyr's Rutger Claussell, Xeno and Leonidas. Impressed with his skills, they try to recruit Ash into their jaeger corps. He declines the offer and a fight follows. Rutger then summons Zector, the Palatinate Knight, which Juna and Ash piloting their Soldats manage to hold off. The jaegers leave the scene after Eliot Craig, Fie Claussell and Sara Valestein join the students as reinforcements.

Afterwards, the find the pendulum reacting and conclude this is the area they have to place the wedge. Randy decided to stay behind in the Sutherland Province with the students as Class VII, including Ash, makes their way back to Elin Village through the Spirit Path.

8/9 | Back in Erin, Class VII exchanges the information they have gathered so far in Roselia's atelier.

In absence of the ruler the Imperial Defense Force takes provisional control of the region, in several places conscription continues and new recruits undergo training, making the upcoming war so much more real. All these events stem originally from the Great Twilight, sped up by Chancellor Osborne and Governor-General Rufus Albarea's diplomatic prowess and charismatic personality.

Through Ash they learn that Musse Egret, Aurelia Le Guin and Vita Clotilde are plotting something against the government. Allowing themselves one day of respite, Class VII sets off the following morning for the Lamarre Province, Musse's scheme still weighing on their mind.

8/10 | Travelling by the witches' monument once again, they arrive in the south of Avon Hill Country together with their Soldats. After concealing them, they cross the vast fields and wind up in the picturesque town of Milsante.

After asking around, they find fellow Thors II student Sidney at the local inn. He would be gathering intel on Leeves, so Class VII heads in the opposite direction to Raquel.

Despite his disguise most inhabitants of Raquel expressed their relief when Ash appeared before them unscathed. As they gathered information, they ran into Thors II student Maya. Gustaf and Sandy had travelled further north to gather information in their hometowns. Class VII found their pendant responding to the northern region as well, so they followed suit.    

Halfway through the valley they run into Gustaf. His hometown, the mining village of Aragon, had been completely mobilised for the production of weaponry. Before heading in the direction of Alster, their next destination based on the information about the Occult Point, they catch their breath at the lodge they ran into. Inside, they meet two women who looked to have come from Remiferia. For some reason they are in a hurry to leave by car. The manager of the lodge, however, informs the group that the two women previously stayed in Alster.

After a good rest, Class VII reaches the remote town of Alster. They meet up with fellow branch campus student Sandy, whose parents run the local inn. She informs them that Alster was the hometown of the now deceased hiding Prince Olivert and that his death made the mayor and villagers even more susceptible to the effects of the Great Twilight.

Class VII learns about the Pleroma Grass from the siblings Kai and Tilia and discovers a memo believed to be Musse’s in the local Streinrose Distillery. After putting together the information that they gathered, they decide to head to the northern Osgiliath Basin next. The pendulum reacts to the basin, which is referred to by the locals as the Forbidden Ground. In the centre, they find Musse and Aurelia standing in a field of dark red Pleroma Grass.

Musse indifferently reveals her background story, her actions up until that point and what she is planning to do next. The rest of Class VII, however, is having none of it. “Never mind the next duchess, Mildine Juzalith de Cayenne. What about our branch campus classmate, Musse Egret?”

The tense reunion was interrupted by Crown Prince Cedric Reise Arnor, Shirley Orlando, Ada Grant, Fritz and Michael Irving. They cross swords until Cedric summons his Testa-Rossa, for which Class VII boards their Panzer Soldats. Their clash ends when Original Class VII and the Pantagruel make their appearance, forcing Cedric and cronies to withdraw.

Everyone looks how Juna drives the wedge into the ground. Musse then entrusts the Weissland Army to Aurelia and decides to return to Class VII. With the students of New Class VII once again gathered, they take the Spirit Path back to Elin.

8/13 | The following day, Original and New Class VII assemble in Roselia’s atelier and report the good news. Five of the seven Occult Points have been pinned down by the wedges, leaving the Heimdallr Catacombs and the Crossbell Province to explore for the last two points. Both explorations will be difficult and Juna decides to take on the investigation of her hometown. With the rest of New Class VII following her lead, the allocation of the group members was decided. This time, however, they cannot use the translocation stone and need to find another method to enter Crossbell. Alisa comes up with a solution that requires another day of preparation, so the group winds down during this extra resting day.

8/14 | On the day of departure, the group follows Alisa’s instructions and heads to the open space just outside the village of Elin. With help from Emma, the Bobcat II and its crew, led by Alisa’s acquaintance, Josette Capua safely lands in Elin.

After boarding, they pass through Elin’s warning system and head to Crossbell. On the way, they narrowly managed to avoid the air forces of the Imperial and Republic armies, which kept each other contained and locked in place. After landing, they make their way to Crossbell and end up in its East Street, where they decide to first rest up in the Old Dragon Inn for the night.

The following morning, they examine the state of the city while they gather information on the Occult Point. After learning interesting details about the Special Support Section and Government-General Security Force, they decide to bring a visit to Juna’s parents’ home. She is relieved to find her mother and siblings unharmed, and discovers that branch campus student Luise found shelter in her old room. On that very moment, Luise receives a mysterious email. Well aware it might be a trap, they follow its instructions to head for Geofront Block X.

In the terminal room they find Epstein Foundation system engineer Jona Sacred and Arc en Ciel performer Sully Atraid. Together with these two SSS affiliates, they escape from patrolling archaisms by heading to the exit from the X Block. Lying in wait for them was Heiyue’s Cao Lee, but thanks to the unexpected help from Elie MacDowell and Estelle Bright, Class VII managed to escape the Geofront unscathed.

Using the old SSS office as their base, information obtained through Jona’s hacking efforts reveal that Class VII should head to St. Ursula Medical College next. On their way, they stop by the base of their field trip and run into branch campus student Freddy. He informs them of the whereabouts of the Panzer Soldat Musse was piloting in the Gral of Erebos. He also informs them about the Pleroma Grass before Class VII continues their way the medical college.

They arrive at the medical college and wander around, eventually stumbling upon fellow student Valery. Nurse Cecil Neues guides them to the special ward, to the room of Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III. From him they learn about the Black Records and the “Curse”. Contrary to Ash’s expectations, he receives words of encouragement from the emperor.

After their visit to the medical college, they make their way to the marshlands where the Pleroma Grass is supposed to have manifested. The Imperial Defense Force’s tight security leaves no opening, forcing the group to withdraw. They are then contacted by branch campus student Sterk, who arranged for them a boat to Mishelam and with it, another entrance to Crossbell’s marshlands.

Class VII arrives safely in Mishelam. Matthew, Juna’s father, informs them of a side passage into the marshlands. At long last, they find the Occult Point where the Pleroma Grass flourishes in abundance. Awaiting them are Campanella, Lechter Arundel and Sharon Kreuger, who has returned to Ouroboros. Lechter argues that there is no point in lamenting the loss of Millium Orion and, together with Sharon, he opens a relentless attack. Then, the Golden Knight El-Prado make its entrance, piloted by Governor-General Rufus Albarea. He forces Class VII into a difficult battle. From behind them, Estelle, Joshua, Lloyd and Elie appear, giving the governor-general and his cronies enough reason to withdraw.

Class VII thanks their back-up for the help, who in turn praise the students for their brave fight. After seeing them off, they take the Spirit Path back to Elin. With the wedge in place, their search for the Occult Points has come to an end.

Fragment - The Broken Sword

断章 折れたる剣、そして――
8/17 | With seven Occult Points found, they can at last start pinpointing the Black Workshop’s specific location. Roselia says that her secret Hexen Clan technique can be speed up using the power of Renne and KeA, who have translocated alongside Class VII from Crossbell. It still takes time, however, and urges Original and New Class VII to rest up and prepare for what’s still to come.

Several hours later, the group comes together to learn the coordinates found by Roselia. The location of the Black Workshop is the Greyborne Range located in the Lamarre Province. With help from Elin's witches, Original and New Class VII are transported through a Spirit Path that connects to the workshop. Their goal in these depths where even light cannot reach is to save their friend and instructor, Rean Schwarzer.

Class VII splits in two groups and started their investigation of the workshop’s interiors in order to locate Rean. As Red Rossweisse, Copper Georg and McBurn, Ines and Ennea block their path, Original Class VII stays behind to keep them off while New Class VII pushes on to bring back their instructor.

Their voices, however, are initially unable to reach the cursed, uncontrollable Rean. Their wishes as well as Valimar’s and Millium’s appeal reach Rean through their ARCUS II orbments, allowing him to finally regain his old self.

Suddenly Giliath Osborne, Black Alberich and Arianrhod show up. Although driven into a corner, Emma and Gaius deploy a teleportation portal on Rean’s signal, enabling Josette’s Bobcat II and the Gralsritter’s Merkabah to descend into the workshop. Their force is further strengthened by Aurelia and Vita, among other, giving Rean and friend ample time to prepare their escape from the workshop.

During their teleportation, Osborne announced the start of the Seven Rivalries and, in turn, Musse reveals her strategy, titled Mille Mirage. Having escaped from the workshop and the enemy’s reinforcements, Class VII and friends find themselves up high in the sky, lit by the morning sun.

Act 2 - Stars of Destiny

第II部 宿命の星たち / Act 2
8/19 | Rean, now clad in new, black garbs, catches up with his friends in Elin. They first head to the Sol Shrine where Crow awaits them to learn about the Rivalries. After seeing off KeA and Renne, who decided to act with their respective ‘families’ again, as well as Aurelia and Vita, Rean and friends also leave Elin.

After flying to Bryonia Island in the Merkabah No. 8, the group makes their way to the Sol Shrine where Crow awaits them. They learn about the purpose of the Rivalry of the Seven and when Rean tells him to perish the thought, Crow insists that Rean, as the sacrifice, should see the Rivalries through. When the shrine is filled up with fighting spirit, the Ashen and Azure collide.

After the battle, Crow’s body as an Immortal starts to disappear. Thanks to a spiritual connection as a kinship between the Deus-Excellion, Crow’s existence as an Awakener is extended for as long as the Great Twilight lasts.

8/20 | Rean and friends depart from Bryonia Island to comb through western Erebonia for hints regarding the whereabouts of Towa, Princess Alfin, Elise and other missing friends. They aim to find their own, third path, siding with neither the governmental operation Jormungand nor Weissland Army’s Mille Mirage. Their plans will surely align with the field studies of Original Class VII and the special operations of New Class VII.

When they wrap up their patrol, Rean and friends start tracking down eye witnesses reports regarding Thors affiliaties and certain VIPs. They determine their next destination will be Ordis, which is kept under house arrest, and decide on a specific infiltration route for the next day’s strategy.

A team of seven, including Rean, disembark from the Merkabah at the Ex Camp and make their way on foot to Ordis. After confirming that the Heimdallr Military Police's efforts kept the city safe, the team starts collecting information from the city's various blocks ad learn that the VIPs kept under house arrest in the palace are Towa and Empress Priscilla Reise Arnor. They follow Crow's guidance through the city's sewers and prepare themselves for battle.

After being held up by the Imperial Defense Force, the Thors students and alumni residing in Ordis offer their help so Class VII can continue their pursuit. When they finally make it into the mansion, it’s the RMP trying to halt their progress. This time, it’s Patrick and friends taking over to hold off the opponents. Eventually, they reach the dining hall where the VIPs are being kept and where Claire Rieveldt and Red Rossweisse awaits them.

After the battle, Towa and the empress are safely release and Towa’s desperate plea allows Red Rossweisse to regain her old self as Angelica Rogner whereas Claire silently retreats from the scene. The empress decides to reside in the mansion for the time being as Rean and friends return to the Merkabah. They promise to soon meet up again with the Thors student and alumni that helped them as they head off to their next destination.

Act 3 - Hour of the Lions: Whereabouts of Light

第III部 獅子ノ刻~閃光の行方~ /

Overture - At Least Tonight's Promise

前日譚 せめてこの夜に誓って /

Final Curtain - Flower Petals at Blaze's End

最終幕 散り行く花、焔の果てに /

9/1 | At 12 o'clock, at last both Operation Jormungand and Operation Mille Mirage unleash their enormous fire power. After confirming the war had officially started, Prince Olivert declares the start of his Operation Radiant Wings as well. Each team under command of Estelle Bright, Lloyd Bannings, Angelica Rogner, Duvalie and General Aurelia Le Guin take control of the Salt Pales. After the 'barrier' is destroyed through their efforts, Class VII is finally able to infiltrate the Tuatha de Danann. All members of Original and New Class VII prepare themselves for their final mission.

Many trials await them: confrontations with familiar faces, now driven away by the collaborative efforts of Class VII. After triumphing over the Rivalries of Cedric Reise Arnor's Testa-Rossa and Rufus Albarea's El-Prado, they manage to reach Giliath Osborne in the fortress' core. Rean Schwarzer, finally considering Osborne his 'real father' after having come this far, is now ready to confront his final challenge together with his companions.

The time had finally come for the Final Rivalry between the Black and the Ashen one: father and son cross swords in a white darkness.


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During the Nihon Falcom shareholder meeting on 20 December 2017, Falcom officially unveiled Sen no Kiseki IV for the PlayStation 4 for Fall 2018. A teaser website featuring four screenshots was launched alongside the announcement.

Cover Art (Sen IV)

The game's cover art was revealed on 28 June 2018.

In their weekly update on 24 May 2018 Falcom announced that Sen no Kiseki IV would release on 27 September 2018. The company also revealed that the game would be released in a standard edition and an 'Eternal Edition' (永久保存版). The Eternal Edition contains, apart from the game, three books with the first three games' original scenario drafts ("Confidential Synopsis: Uncensored") and a physical message card from Altina Orion to Millium Orion, featuring a download code to obtain Altina's uniform from Trails of Cold Steel II.


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