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Below is a selection of unused scenario files in Trails in the Sky the 3rd. Generally speaking, this are variations on the versions that appeared in the final game. A comprehensive list of changes between the original PC version of the game and the PC port a year later can be found on The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd/Version differences.

Although inaccessible in-game, these dialogues were still localised by XSEED.


Location: Leiston Fortress.

	Three days later...
Anelace	Whew... So this is Leiston Fortress.
Anelace	It definitely looks the part, at least. It's huge.
Private Samuel	Hmm? Can I help you?
Anelace	Umm... Well, I'd like to meet with Brigadier
	General Bright, if that's possible...
Anelace	He wouldn't happen to be free now, would he?
Private Samuel	Unfortunately not. He's a very busy man, as you
	can imagine.
Private Samuel	Don't expect to be able to meet with him any time
	soon without getting touch in advance to arrange
	an appointment.
Anelace	What, really? Aww...
Anelace	I took time off to come all the way here, too...
Private Samuel	That's unfortunate, but there really is nothing
	I can do here.
Private Samuel	Still, while I can't imagine it doing any good,
	I suppose I can at least pass on that you're
	here and what you came for.
Private Samuel	So, do you mind if I ask what business you
	have with the general?
Anelace	O-Oh, thank you...
Anelace	Well, you see...
Anelace	Whew...
Anelace	I really don't want to have to go back empty
	handed after coming all the way here...
Anelace	...I suppose if I can't meet with Cassius, I could
	at least go shopping in the department store over
	in Grancel.
Anelace	...Yeah! Let's go with that!
Anelace	Nothing cures a depressive slump like
	some shopping.
Private Samuel	Hey, young lady.
Private Samuel	It looks like he can meet you after all.
Anelace	Really?
Private Samuel	Good day, sir!
Royal Army Officer	Very good.
Royal Army Officer	You're Anelace, I take it?
Anelace	Y-Yes, I am...
Royal Army Officer	Wow... It's hard to believe you're the
	granddaughter of a legendary swordsman...
Royal Army Officer	...but I suppose this isn't the time to be talking
	about this.
Royal Army Officer	The general's waiting for you. Follow me.
Anelace	What, I can really meet him?
Royal Army Officer	Yes. He kindly agreed to take time out of his
	schedule specially to meet you.
Royal Army Officer	So let's hurry along. We don't want to keep him
Anelace	R-Right!


Location: Glorious, Forecastle (room where Estelle Bright was held in Trails in the Sky SC).

Renne	Oh, I wasn't expecting you to come, Loewe.
Renne	Did the professor call you?
Loewe	He certainly did. It's my turn, apparently.
Loewe	I hear you performed your part over at the tower
	quite well, too.
Renne	*sigh* I wish I could say that.
Renne	If I'd just had a liiiittle longer, I could've
	slaughtered every last one of them, too.
Loewe	You didn't need to do that in the first place.
Loewe	With the Aureole's power in the professor's hands,
	humanity is as good as extinct regardless.
Renne	Huh, you think?
Loewe	It doesn't take much pondering.
Loewe	We're talking about him gaining power beyond human
	comprehension here. What will happen if he does
	that is as clear as day.
Renne	*giggle* I suppose you're right.
Renne	He's always been quite the mischief-maker, after
Loewe	Now it's just a case of seeing whether they get to
	it first, or we do...
Loewe	Whatever the outcome ends up being, though, it'll
	be decided soon enough.
Renne	The professor with the world in his hands...
Renne	Heehee. Things are really going to get
	interesting soon.
Walter	Man, you SEEN that huge thing up in the sky?
Walter	Heh heh. Now things're REALLY gettin' interesting.
Loewe	If you say so.
Loewe	As far as I'm concerned, it's nothing at all to do
	with me.
Walter	Hmph. Man, you really could stand to have a bit
	more fun with life.
Walter	Bah. If I'd known this was going to happen,
	I would've got that damn kid when I last had
	the chance.
Loewe	He showed up at the tower you were at too, then?
Walter	He wasn't half bad, but it's not hard to see his
	strength's fighting from the shadows and not the
Walter	I'll get him next time, no doubting that.
Loewe	I certainly hope so...
Loewe	Still, don't underestimate him. He's a master at
	what he does.
Loewe	Let your guard down, and you won't even know what
	hit you.
Walter	Bah. What kind of a half-wit do you take me for?
	I know that much.
Walter	Just you wait. I'll be back with his head soon
Walter	Heh heh. Somethin' to look forward to, huh?
Luciola	*giggle* Oh my, this is quite the surprise.
Luciola	What brings you here? Feeling lonely and in need
	of company?
Loewe	That's enough of that.
Loewe	I think you know well enough that I'm not here to
	hear that kind of nonsense.
Luciola	Heehee. I was only playing around.
Luciola	Still, now the Gospel Plan is finally in its
	finishing stages...
Luciola	I suppose it's almost your time to shine?
Loewe	Most likely so.
Loewe	...Still, if you don't mind me asking...
Loewe	Just what drove you to stick around and help the
	professor for so long to begin with?
Luciola	Heehee. It was just how fate deigned it to be.
Luciola	I've been looking for something for a long time,
	and I finally found it. That's all there is to it,
Luciola	In that sense, I don't think my reasoning is all
	that different to any of the others gathered here.
Loewe	...I suppose you're right.
Loewe	Well, I hope you manage to get whatever it is
	you've finally found.
Luciola	I'm not sure I'd put much faith in that.
Luciola	If anything, I fear I may already be too late...
Loewe	...
Loewe	...Regardless, we've come this far. I intend to
	keep fighting to the bitter end so I can come
	away from all this without any regrets.
Loewe	The path I walk has been a bloodstained one from
	the start. There's nothing to be gained by turning
	back now.
Luciola	I'm only really here helping the professor because
	of a quirk of fate, if you will.
Luciola	In that sense, I don't think my reasoning is all
	that different to any of the others gathered here.
Bleublanc	Oh my, to what do I owe this honor?
Bleublanc	I wasn't expecting the famed Bladelord himself to
	pay a visit to my humble abode.
Loewe	Heh. I'm impressed that you keep that mask of
	yours on even during your off-time like this.
Loewe	Do you really hate exposing your true self that
Bleublanc	Heh. What a peculiar question.
Bleublanc	Especially given that you wear a mask yourself.
Loewe	...What?
Bleublanc	Human beings all assume a number of masks
	throughout their lives.
Bleublanc	I imagine that deep down, you know what I mean,
	do you not?
Loewe	...
Bleublanc	I, on the other hand, possess but this one mask.
Bleublanc	It is my true, and only face; and my true face is
	therefore perfectly visible when I wear it.
Bleublanc	So I don't believe one such as yourself, who uses
	many, has any right to criticize me.
Loewe	Heh. When you put it like that, I suppose I don't.
Loewe	Perhaps there's a method in your madness after
Bleublanc	Without thought, there is no beauty.
Bleublanc	Simple enough, no?
Bleublanc	Human beings all assume a number of masks
	throughout their lives.
Bleublanc	Perhaps you should work on reducing your own
	collection before attempting to jest at the
	expense of mine.
Gilbert	L-Lord Loewe?!
Loewe	Patrolling well, I see.
Loewe	...Nothing is amiss, I take it?
Gilbert	N-Nothing whatsoever, sir!
Gilbert	I-I intend to continue giving my absolutely
	fullest to whatever task is assigned to me, sir!
Gilbert	I may be leaving here soon to begin a new mission,
	but the same will be true for that, too!
Loewe	Oh? And what mission would that be?
Gilbert	Assaulting Jenis Royal Academy, sir!
Loewe	...What?
Loewe	...On whose orders?
Gilbert	L-Lord Campanella's, sir!
Loewe	...
Loewe	What does he think he's doing...?
Gilbert	I-Is something the matter, sir?
Loewe	...No. Good luck with your mission.
Loewe	Just be sure not to cause any more casualties than
Loewe	...Given all the work that remains, I would rather
	retain as many of our resources as possible, after
Gilbert	Of course, sir! Thank you, sir!
Gilbert	I will be sure to astound even you with my
	spectacular leadership abilities!
Gilbert	I will be sure to lead the academy's assault to
	great success!
Gilbert	I hope you will look forward to seeing what a
	great leader I can be!
Enhanced Jaeger	◆Talk to Reinforced Jaeger (Repeat)
Enhanced Jaeger	◆Talk to Reinforced Jaeger (Repeat)
Enhanced Jaeger	◆Talk to Reinforced Jaeger (Repeat)
Boy's Voice	Loewe?
Boy's Voice	Hey, Loewe!
Loewe	Hmm? What is it?
Joshua	Can I start eating now?
Joshua	I'm starving...
Karin	Heehee. Oh, no, we can't have that, Joshua.
Karin	We all promised to eat together, didn't we?
Joshua	B-But...
Loewe	Haha. Sorry, I didn't realize you were that hungry.
Loewe	Just let me do ten more, then we can have lunch.
Joshua	Okay!
Joshua	...Hey, Loewe?
Joshua	Is it true you're going to be taking the bracer
	examination soon?
Loewe	Hold on, who did you hear that from?
Joshua	The grown-ups were all talking about how you're
	gonna be going into town for it. Is it true?
Loewe	...Yeah, it is.
Loewe	I haven't decided exactly when, but it won't be in
	the too distant future.
Joshua	Oh...
Joshua	...If you pass, are you gonna be moving there for
Loewe	Why do you ask?
Loewe	Think you'll be lonely without me?
Joshua	...Y-Yeah, I guess.
Joshua	...Hey, if you really need to go there, can't we
	all live there together?
Loewe	What?!
Joshua	That way I'd be able to learn to fight with a
	sword, too...
Joshua	And you'd be able to be able to be with Karin,
Loewe	Haha... You just had to throw that in, didn't you?
Loewe	Do you have any idea how much mira we'd need for
	the three of us to live there?
Joshua	Aww... I thought it was a good idea, too.
Joshua	But I guess I'm just being silly.
Loewe	No, I don't think so.
Loewe	It's not feasible right now...but I'd certainly
	like it to happen one day in the future.
Joshua	Me too!
Old Man's Voice	Loewe!
Old Man's Voice	LOEWE!
Loewe	...What is it?
Loewe	What are you shouting for?
Old Man's Voice	R-Run! Now!
Loewe	What?! Why?!
Joshua	Wh-Where are you going?!
Karin	It doesn't matter! Just follow me! Hurry!
Loewe	Joshua, Karin! Go on ahead!
Loewe	Get yourselves to the next village! Hurry!
Karin	What about you?!
Loewe	I'm going to go and try to hold them off!
Loewe	I'll come after you as soon as I can. You know how
	fast I can run.
Karin	Well, if you're sure...
Karin	But be careful! Please!
Loewe	Just go!
Karin	Y-You really did come...
Karin	I knew you'd come for us... I knew you would...
Loewe	Don't try and talk!
Karin	Thank you... But it's too late for me now...
Karin	...Thank you...for everything, Loewe...
Loewe	Stay with us, Karin!
Karin	Please...
Karin	Take care of...Joshua...
Loewe	I will!
Loewe	So you...
Karin	...
Loewe	K-Karin?!
Loewe	Karin! Karin!
Loewe	?!
Loewe	...Ugh...
Loewe	That dream again...
Enhanced Jaeger	L-Lord Loewe?
Loewe	What is it?
Enhanced Jaeger	The professor awaits you in the cathedral, sir.
Enhanced Jaeger	He says he would like to speak with you regarding
	the upcoming mission.
Loewe	All right. I'll go as soon as I can.
Enhanced Jaeger	If you will excuse me, then, sir.
Loewe	*sigh*...
Loewe	I guess I don't have the luxury of dwelling on the
	past right now.
Loewe	...I've got no reason to go any further this way.
Loewe	I should head to the cathedral.


Location: Inside the Glorious, Sanctuary.

Campanella	Heehee. What a lovely sound.
Campanella	The sound of everything crumbling to the ground...
Campanella	Still, at least now the professor has the rubble
	of an ancient city to serve as his pillow in his
	eternal slumber.
Campanella	I'm sure he must be very happy about that.
Campanella	Haha. Don't you worry, Professor. You just leave
	everything to me now...
Campanella	And with that...
Campanella won't ever need to crawl your way out of
	Gehenna and return to this world ever again.
	◆Campanella clicks his fingers
Campanella	Enforcer No. 0, Campanella the Fool...
Campanella	Entering the Celestial Globe in place of the
	Third Anguis, Georg Weissmann!
Campanella	Hey, Loewe.
Weissmann	Did you get plenty of rest?
Loewe	Yeah...
Loewe	So, what's the situation?
Weissmann	Heheh... Things are going even better than
	we expected.
Weissmann	The kingdom is in a complete state of panic
	because of the Aureole.
Campanella	To make matters worse for them, we sent down
	quite a lot of archaisms, too.
Campanella	All in all, the Royal Army won't be able to act in
	an organized fashion to deal with things any time
Campanella	That goes for that irritating Cassius Bright, too.
Loewe	So all in all, everything is going well.
Loewe	...What about Joshua?
Weissmann	The ship he was on has landed in Valleria Lake.
Weissmann	I don't doubt he'll begin to act again at some
	point, but for now, I don't think there's any
	need to factor him into our calculations.
Campanella	Haha. By the time he's ready to act again, it'll
	be too late for him to do anything, anyway.
Campanella	After all, now even the famous Blood and Iron
	Chancellor seems to have taken an interest in
	what's happening.
Loewe	Heh. You say that as if you had nothing to
	do with it.
Loewe	It's only because of you that he even knows
	about the plan.
Campanella	Ahaha. Well, you know.
Weissmann	Still, the more actors on the stage, the livelier
	it is.
Weissmann	...Incidentally, Loewe...
Weissmann	We do have one small problem that needs to
	be dealt with.
Loewe	Do we, now?
Campanella	It's the floating city's defensive system,
	you see.
Campanella	Amazingly enough, it's still operational.
Campanella	We're going to need to disable it before we
	can land, too.
Weissmann	A giant ship like the Glorious is just going to
	be a huge, slow target for all of its firepower
	if we try getting any closer.
Weissmann	Still, if you use the Reverie Dragion that was
	developed for you, you should be able to get
	close to it and attack.
Loewe	I see...
Loewe	So that's why you called me, is it?
Campanella	Do you think you can handle it?
Loewe	I have the sword granted to me by the Grandmaster,
	that can cut anything in this world...
Loewe	Of course I can.
Campanella	Haha. So you do.
Campanella	That was made with the Divergent Laws, too,
	wasn't it?
Weissmann	The Dragion is standing by for you on the deck.
Weissmann	Go forth, and use it to open the door that leads
	to a legend!


Location: Glorious, elevator.

Voice	Access to the sanctuary and engine room is
	currently limited.
Voice	Please confirm your identity.
Loewe	Enforcer No. II, Leonardt the Bladelord.
Loewe	I'm on my way to the sanctuary.
Voice	Acknowledged.


Location: Glorious, deck.

	◆Debug flag judgment (Walter part)
	Regarding Walter battle in the Axis Pillar in SC
	◆Debug flag judgment (Luciola part)
	Regarding Luciola battle in the Axis Pillar in SC
	Immediately after the collapse of the Aureole...
	Aboard a great ship cutting through the clouds...
Bleublanc	Oh, my... What a beautiful sight!
Bleublanc	The mystical land that we sought is crumbling
	before our eyes!
Walter	Heh heh... Suppose I could've seen this coming.
Walter	Guess that means we lost this battle.
Walter	Bah. It was a battle we could've won, too.
Walter	This is what all the professor's fault for getting
	so out of hand.
Luciola	All returns to nothing...
Luciola	And once that flying city vanishes, our duty is
	over as well.
Luciola	...It'll be time to say farewell again for a
Bleublanc	All returns to nothing...
Bleublanc	And once that flying city vanishes, our duty is
	over as well.
Bleublanc	...It'll be time to say farewell again for a
Walter	...
Walter	Hmph. There's no guarantee we'll ever meet again
	at all.
Walter	...
Walter	Hmph. There's no guarantee we'll ever meet again
	at all.
Luciola	Oh?
Luciola	Are you considering leaving the society?
Bleublanc	Oh, my... What a peculiar thing to say.
Bleublanc	Are you considering leaving the society,
Walter	Who knows? Even I don't know what the future
	holds for me.
Walter	Still, we Enforcers are the ones who decide our
	own destinies.
Walter	Which means what I do in the future is for me to
	decide and no one else.
Walter	Who knows? Even I don't know what the future
	holds for me.
Walter	Still, we Enforcers are the ones who decide our
	own destinies.
Walter	Which means what I do in the future is for me to
	decide and no one else.
Bleublanc	Hmm... Quite so.
Bleublanc	Still, I believe it is only polite in these
	circumstances to promise to meet again.
Bleublanc	To promise that one day, we will run into one
	another on yet another battlefield somewhere.
Luciola	Heehee. I suppose you're right.
Walter	Hmph...
Walter	Like there's any point in the 'battlefield' part.
Walter	As if the lot of us would ever meet anywhere else.
Walter	I suppose you're right.
Walter	Still, it's not like our work will only be taking
	place here.
Bleublanc	Heh. Indeed.
Bleublanc	Well, then, as is custom, let us promise to meet
Bleublanc	Until then, we must part ways.
Luciola	Indeed. Let us meet again.
Luciola	Wherever and however destiny would have us meet.
Walter	Yeah.
Walter	See ya all on another bloody battlefield one day,
Loewe	Go forth, jet-black wings!
Loewe	Let the fools of the world know the truth!


Location: Glorious, Celestial Globe

	We have been waiting for you...
	You have done well...
	So that is the Aureole...
	So you were able to recover it after all...
	Still, many sacrifices had to be made to obtain
	We should not forget that...
	Everyone, be silent.
	The Grandmaster is about to make an appearance.
Campanella	I, Enforcer No. 0...
Campanella	...have returned.
	Raise your head.
	Well, Campanella...
	...did the world move as I expected it would?
Campanella	Well, yes and no.
Campanella	As you foretold, the activation of the Aureole was a
Campanella	...but due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred,
	the Third Anguis and Enforcer No. II both journeyed to
	the Outside.
Campanella	And as of now, No. VI and No. XV's current locations
	are unknown.
Campanella	Well, yes and no.
Campanella	As you foretold, the activation of the Aureole was a
Campanella	...but due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred,
	the Third Anguis and Enforcer No. II both journeyed to
	the Outside.
Campanella	And as of now, No. VI and No. XV's current locations
	are unknown.
	How pitiful...
	As I expected, they were unable to overcome
	their trials.
Campanella	Please, do not place the burden of blame upon
Campanella	The victory we obtained was more than worth
	the price we paid.
Campanella	Please accept this. Once the Aureole returns to
	you, the Gospel Plan will be complete, after all.
	The Aureole...has finally returned to me.
	The bells in the West have rung, and the first of
	the Sept-Terrions has fulfilled its role.
	So I hereby proclaim the end of the Gospel
	...and the commencement of the next plan,


Location: West Bose Highway

	In one corner of a vast city stood a sturdily-built
	Its walls, decorated by marble, shone faintly in
	the deep darkness, bathed in the cold moonlight.
	It was a gathering spot for residents of the
	criminal underworld, run by an equally unpleasant
	The white prison was filled with exceptionally
	young children...
	All unfortunate enough to have been given as 
	offerings to the insatiable lust of those who
	patronized the building.
	Owing to the physical and mental strains of being
	there, most of the children began to grow weaker
	and weaker over time...
	But one girl, by nothing short of a miracle, was
	somehow able to maintain her own sanity, and 
	endured all that was forced upon her.
	She was only five years old at the time, and one
	of the many unfortunate souls who ended up there,
	presumably abandoned by her parents.
	One day, as dark fell, the building's gates were
	opened once more...
	And the carriage of a government official came to
	a halt in front of the building.
Owner	It's a pleasure to see you again, sir.
Government Official	Guide me inside at once.
Government Official	I'm in an excellent mood tonight, I'll have you
Government Official	I expect to be treated accordingly.
Owner	As you wish, sir.
Owner	Now, Renne...
Owner	Come and say hello to your favorite gentleman.
Renne	...
Owner	My... How wonderful.
Owner	Come along, Renne.
Owner	Let me get a good look at that sweet little face
	of yours.
Renne	...
Government Official	Haha... There's no need to be so afraid.
Government Official	All you need to do is relax and let whatever
Government Official	That way, when you next open your eyes...
Government Official	It'll aaall be over.
Renne	Eeeek!
Man's Scream	Aaaah!
Man's Scream	Aaaaah!
Owner	Wh-What's happening?!
Government Official	What's going on?!
Government Official	A-Aaaah!
Loewe	...Filthy pigs.
Loewe	Their screams are as unpleasant as their looks.
Joshua	...I've finished with the first floor now.
Joshua	Everyone left has fled to the second floor.
Loewe	Like cornered rats.
Loewe	Lead the way, Joshua.
Joshua	Got it.
Joshua	The assault of the building was carried out by a
	mere two members of the society.
Joshua	Between them, they executed every last member of
	the organization that ran it.
Joshua	The attack was meant to serve as an example to the
	rest of the underworld there...
Joshua	But as an unintended consequence, that young girl
	was allowed to escape with her life, albeit only
Joshua	After being taken in by the group, she proved to
	be remarkably skilled...
Joshua	...and before long, she had risen to being a
	candidate for an executive position, and began
	receiving formal training.
Joshua	Having saved her from the hell she was in,
	Joshua and Loewe were like brothers to her.
Joshua	Not long after joining the Society, Renne heard
	that Joshua had left on a special mission.
Joshua	One that he was going to take quite some time.
Joshua	Feeling somewhat lonely at the news, she decided
	to step out into town for the first time in quite
	a while.
Joshua	And after doing so, something caught her eye.
Joshua	A familiar man and woman, a baby in the woman's
Renne	...
Renne	...
Loewe	...Well, what will you do?
Renne	I...
Loewe	I can't help but wonder whether they are even 
	worth the effort of cutting down...
Loewe	But that is your choice to make, not mine.
Renne	...No. I'll leave them.
Renne	They're not my real Papa and Mama.
Renne	I have Pater-Mater now.
Renne	...Oh...
Renne	Right...
Renne	I thought it was cold... I guess that's because of
	the rain.
Renne	Heehee. Thanks, Pater-Mater.
Renne	Well, let's go, shall we?


Location: Elger Arm and Guards, City of Rolent

Estelle	Good morning, Mr. Elger!
Estelle	...Huh?
Joshua	It looks like he must be out somewhere...
Estelle	Y-Yeah...
Estelle	It's not like him to leave the shop empty like
	this, though...
Cassius	Indeed. Perhaps some sudden business came up
	that meant he had to pop out for a while.
Joshua	That sounds like the most likely possibility.
Joshua	Let's go and see Elissa first, then.
Estelle	Yeah! Okay.


Location: Abend Bar, City of Rolent

Estelle	Huh?
Joshua	There's no one here, either...
Estelle	Th-That's kind of weird, though.
Estelle	I mean, normally there'd be at least one
	customer here at this time of day...
Estelle	O-Oh, I know. Maybe someone's up on the second
Estelle	Oh...
Joshua	There's no one here, either...
Cassius	Hmm...
Estelle	I-I'm not the only one who thinks this is
	kinda weird, right?
Estelle	You don't think something serious could
	have happened, do you?
Joshua	Don't jump to conclusions, Estelle.
Joshua	It's too early to be making assumptions like that.
	Let's at least head over to the guild first.
Joshua	If something serious really is going on, they likely
	already know about it.
Estelle	Y-Yeah. Good point.
Estelle	Let's head over there, then.


Location: Abend Bar (at night), City of Rolent

Olivier	My... Rolent's cuisine really is exceptional.
Olivier	It makes perfect use of seasonal ingredients,
Olivier	If this were Erebonia, you'd be paying a premium
	at a three star restaurant for food like this.
Scherazard	Wow. Sounds like you're quite the fan.
Olivier	Heh. But of course.
Olivier	I couldn't ask for a more heavenly situation than
	the one I find myself in right now.
Olivier	Sampling fine food and fine drink while
	accompanied by the finest women... What
	man wouldn't want to swap with me?
Aina	Haha...
Aina	I see the rumors about you were all true.
Scherazard	You'll want to watch yourself around this one,
Scherazard	He really will go after anything that moves.
Scherazard	Oh, Faulkner!
Scherazard	We're short on wine over here. Bring us another
	two or three bottles!
Aina	Oh, and throw in some Cognac, too. Preferably
Faulkner	R-Right!
Olivier	W-Wait a second...
Olivier	Can't we ease ourselves in a bit before going for
	the hard stuff?
Scherazard	I think we've been taking this a bit TOO easy, if
	you ask me.
Scherazard	We've been talking for ages! Time to get drinking.
Aina	Well, I don't mind going with a slower pace for a
Aina	Still...
Aina	Your glass is completely empty, Olivier. That just
	won't do.
Olivier	Ha...haha... Th-Thank you...
Faulkner	H-Here you go, here's your drinks.
Aina	Thanks.
Aina	Want your Cognac on the rocks, Olivier?
Olivier	...What?
Aina	It wouldn't be fair of us to be forcing you to
	drink nothing but wine, after all.
Aina	You're Erebonian, after all. I'm guessing you'd
	prefer something a lot stronger.
Scherazard	Well, that makes sense.
Scherazard	No wonder you drink slowly if you're used to
	stronger drinks.
Olivier	*cough* *cough*
Olivier	I-Incidentally, Schera...
Olivier	Do you go back quite some time with this Aina
Scherazard	You could say that, yeah.
Scherazard	I've known her since back when I was a junior
Olivier	Oh my... That must be quite some time, then.
Olivier	Might I ask how you came to meet?
Aina	It was six years ago, in Grancel.
Aina	I went to the guild to ask for an escort, and
	that was when I first ran into her.
Scherazard	I just happened to be in the guild at the time,
	you see.
Scherazard	I ended up accepting her request, but it really
	didn't seem like something worth my time at first.
Olivier	Still, I can only assume it turned out to be?
	Had she gotten herself caught up in some kind
	of trouble?
Aina	I had. My rich grandfather had died of illness,
	you see -- and that was the start of it all.
Aina	Because he had left his entire fortune to me.
Scherazard	After that, I'm sure you can imagine how it all
Scherazard	One relative after another wanted the mira she had
Scherazard	There were even some who tried to invalidate her
	right of succession to get it all for themselves.
Olivier	Oh dear. They sound like really despicable
Aina	In the end, I found myself a few days before my
	right of succession was due to expire, with no
	one to turn to...
Aina	...and that was why I ended up having to rely on
	this scary lady here for help.
Scherazard	Oh, that's real nice.
Aina	You can't deny you were scary, though.
Aina	I mean, it was pretty clear you hated me at first.
	You didn't exactly hide it.
Olivier	Oh?
Olivier	So you weren't quite this friendly at first,
Scherazard	Well, I was pretty young at the time. I still had
	a lot to learn about the world.
Scherazard	...Although I can't deny I started disliking her
	the second I found out she was from a rich family.
Olivier	Th-That's quite some prejudice from you...
Scherazard	Oh, quiet.
Scherazard	Less talking, more drinking, Mr. 'My Glass is
	Empty Yet Again.'
Olivier	O-Oh, is it? Oh dear...
Olivier	Worry not, though. I would much rather focus
	myself on your story regardless.
Aina	What's a good story without a drink to go with it?
	You can have both! *Pouring*
Olivier	A-Aina?!
Aina	So... Umm... Where were we?
Olivier	*Hic* Y-You were telling me about how Schera ended
	up taking your request.
Aina	Oh, right.
Aina	Anyway, even with Scherazard's help, we ended up
	getting chased around the capital by pursuers...
Scherazard	It was exhausting, to be honest.
Scherazard	But our little rich girl here didn't have a single
	complaint to make.
Scherazard	I think that was about when we finally started
	opening up to one another a bit.
Aina	Well, after being together for that long, it was
	basically inevitable we'd grow more familiar with
	one another before long.
Aina	More than anything else, though, you were really
	fascinating to me.
Aina	You were like no one I'd met before with my
	sheltered upbringing, after all.
Aina	So while we might not have gotten along very well
	at first, we did end up hitting it off. We even
	went out for drinks after all was said and done.
Scherazard	It was then that we REALLY started hitting it off,
Scherazard	After all, all my prejudices towards you were well
	and truly shattered when I saw how she drank.
Scherazard	That was...not a sight I was ever expecting to see
	from a rich girl. Not at all.
Olivier	*Hic* St-Still... *Hic* If you were drinking six
	years ago...
Olivier	Were you even legally allowed to?
Scherazard	*sigh* Quiet, drunkard.
Scherazard	The most surprising part of all of this is still
	yet to come.
Scherazard	That's what she did with all the money after
	finally inheriting it -- she donated the lot!
Olivier	R-Really...?
Aina	Yep. I gave it all to Her Majesty's welfare
Scherazard	Then after all that was done, she just looked like
	the weight of the world had been lifted from her
	shoulders and started talking about finding a job.
Scherazard	After seeing that, I couldn't bring myself to turn
	my back on her.
Aina	So that was when she introduced me to the guild
	and I was able to find work there.
Aina	You really were far too good to me.
Scherazard	If that's what you think, perhaps you could act a
	little more gratefully towards me.
Aina	I'm paying you back through my work! Isn't that
Aina	By joining you for drinks, too.
Aina	I mean, the only people who don't refuse a request
	to drink with you are Cassius and I.
Scherazard	Heehee. Not any more! ❤
Scherazard	Now we can add our dear friend Olivier to that
Scherazard	Can't we, Olivier? ❤
Olivier	...
Scherazard	O-Olivier?
Aina	Oh dear...
Aina	Looks like our dear friend Olivier isn't with us
	any more.
Scherazard	But we were only just getting started!
Scherazard	The night is only just beginning!
Scherazard	Stop pretending to be asleep and get back to
	drinking, Olivier!
Scherazard	I know you're not really asleep!
Olivier	Wh-Wh-What's going on...?
Aina	Umm... Scherazard... It might not be my place to
	say this...
Aina	But I think you should probably take better care
	of willing drinking partners. They're few and far
	between for you.
Faulkner	Sch-Schera?! What are you doing?!
Scherazard	Oh, look who it is! ❤
Scherazard	You're just in time to join us for a few drinks in
	Olivier's place. ♪
Faulkner	I-I couldn't possibly! I'm working ere!
Scherazard	Aww, come oooon... You wouldn't really say no,
	would you?
Scherazard	...If you don't join us, I will strip.
Faulkner	What?!
Aina	*sigh* Here we go again...
Faulkner	D-Don't just sigh, Aina! Help me here!
Scherazard	Boy... It sure is hot in here... ❤
Faulkner	E-Eeeek!
Olivier	Guhh... Guhh...
	Eventually, the night came to an end.
	The unfortunate traveler who had found himself
	involved in this potentially fatal drinking
	session was fortunately able to escape alive...
	But the scars the experience left on his psyche
	would perhaps never heal.


Location: North Block, City of Bose

Sister Rosa	Thank you very much for coming today.
Sister Rosa	I would like it very much if you would be able to
	start coming to pray like this more often, though.
Mayor Maybelle	*sigh* I'm afraid it looks as though I'm not
	going to have much choice in that matter.
Mayor Maybelle	If I show any signs of skipping mass lately,
	Lila gives me a serious lecturing.
Sister Rosa	Heehee. You're rather fortunate to have someone
	like that by your side, if you ask me.
Sister Rosa	The ideal partner is someone who isn't afraid to
	criticize your choices, rather than someone who
	just blindly supports them.
Sister Rosa	I'm so glad that she's well now, though.
Mayor Maybelle	As am I...
Mayor Maybelle	The market's back to normal, that flying city has
Mayor Maybelle	Everything is basically back to normal here now,
	and what a relief that is.
Sister Rosa	Indeed. Let us both offer our prayers to the
	Goddess, that this peace might continue.
Sister Rosa	...And on that note, I will be looking forward to
	seeing you again here soon.
Mayor Maybelle	Indeed. Please give my regards to Father Holstein,
Sister Rosa	I shall. Goodbye for today, then.
Mayor Maybelle	Right...
Mayor Maybelle	Next, I should make my way over to the market.
	Inspecting that is next in my schedule.
Mayor Maybelle	Wait, isn't that...?
	Thanks so much. I had a whole lot of fun today.
Lila	As did I.
	Get in touch again soon, okay?
	My little sister's been eagerly looking forward
	to the big day, too.
Lila	Of course.
Lila	And with that, I'm afraid I must get going.
	Oh, yeah. It's about time for mass to end,
Lila	Indeed.
Mayor Maybelle	D-Did I just witness what I think I did...?
Mayor Maybelle	...
Mayor Maybelle	Still, I suppose it shouldn't come as much of a
	surprise, given her age.
Mayor Maybelle	While she might be kind of cold towards people,
	she's a wonderful girl, and an attractive one,
Mayor Maybelle	If anything, I'm surprised it's taken her this
	long to find someone.
Mayor Maybelle	I can't deny that I do feel a little lonely at
	the thought, but she's going to want my support.
	It wouldn't be right for me not to give her it.
Lila	Umm...
Lila	Might I ask exactly what you are doing?
Mayor Maybelle	O-Oh... It's you, Lila...
Mayor Maybelle	H-How long have you been there?
Lila	...
Lila	You appear to be rather tired.
Lila	This is why I keep telling you that you need to
	stop overexerting yourself...
Mayor Maybelle	Oh, no, I'm not, I assure you.
Mayor Maybelle	Well, shall we be going to the market?
Lila	Well, if you say so...
	Several days later...


Location: Elmo Village

	Two days later...
Zin	This place sure brings back memories.
Zin	The atmosphere really is relaxing.
Kilika	Yeah...
Kilika	Especially given how similar it is to our
	Ah, you've arrived.
Ambassador Cochrane	Haha. I've been waiting for the two of you.
Zin	H-Hey, Ambassador.
Kilika	Thank you for inviting us here today.
Ambassador Cochrane	Oh, if anything you're doing me a favor by coming.
	There's no need for such formalities.
Ambassador Cochrane	Well, let's go inside and get to talking.
Ambassador Cochrane	The sooner we finish the work part of this, the
	sooner we can get to relaxing.
Zin	Haha. Sounds good to me.
Kilika	Indeed.
Ambassador Cochrane	Aah... That was the best night's sleep I've had in
	quite some time.
Ambassador Cochrane	I hope the two of you enjoyed your stay, too.
Zin	I know I did!
Kilika	I'm feeling very energized indeed, thank you.
Kilika	Energized enough to feel ready to take on a new
	position in a new environment, even.
Ambassador Cochrane	Then...
Kilika	...I'll accept your offer.
Kilika	Please pass that on to the prime minister.
Ambassador Cochrane	But of course!
Ambassador Cochrane	Haha. Now I'm feeling even better than I did
Kilika	Still, I'll need two or three months to get
	everything ready for my successor.
Kilika	As such, I won't be able to start work until then.
Ambassador Cochrane	That's perfectly understandable.
Ambassador Cochrane	Well... I look forward to meeting you again in the
Kilika	Likewise.
Zin	Hmm...
Kilika	...Is something on your mind?
Zin	Oh, I was just thinking about what you said back
Zin	You said you'll need two or three months to get
	everything ready for your successor, right?
Kilika	Yes, I did...
Kilika	What of it?
Zin	Well, it's not like there's any urgent work for me
	here or in Calvard...
Zin	So I was thinking maybe I could stay here for the
	next few months while you get things sorted, then
	head back after that.
Kilika	There's no reason why you should stay around here
	in Liberl with me. Go on back to Calvard.
Kilika	There'll be work waiting for you there, too.
Zin	...
Zin	*sigh* There's no need to be that cold with me.
Kilika	Haha. Well, it's the truth.
Kilika	We'll have more than enough chances to spend time
	together after I get to Calvard as it is without
	you going out of your way to make more now.
Zin	Kilika...
Zin	...Haha. I suppose you're right.
Zin	There's no need to rush things...
Kilika	Zin?
Kilika	What are you standing there for?
Zin	...Oh!
Zin	S-Sorry...


Location: Elmo Village (at night)

Kilika	...
Kilika	You're out rather fast... Have you finished in the
	bath already?
Zin	Fast? Seriously?
Zin	I was in there for a whole hour!
Kilika	Oh...
Zin	Man, it's not often I see you looking this deep in
Kilika	I suppose you don't...
Kilika	...I feel like I'm one step away from making a
	decision, but just need one last push to take it.
Zin	Oh, right...
Zin	Still... Being here like this with you really
	takes me back. Hard to believe it's been six
	whole years since Master Ryuga's passing.
Zin	Sounds like you went on quite the journey between
	then and becoming a bracer, too.
Kilika	I suppose you could say that.
Kilika	Going on a journey makes it sound like something
	I did deliberately, though. In reality it was a
	lot less cool than that.
Kilika	I just kind of drifted from place to place, then
	finally ended up being drawn to one point where
	I settled.
Kilika	Kind of like a leaf falling from a tree and ending
	up floating down a river.
Zin	I see...
Zin	Then don't you think it's about time you started
	picking yourself up...
Zin	...and looking for a path of your own?
Kilika	Oh my...
Kilika	Are you trying to give me a push in the right
Zin	Ugh... Sorry for not being able to do a better job
	of it.
Zin	S-Still... All I'm really trying to say is...
Zin	I think you've spent enough time here already.
Zin	Enough time to heal the scars of the past, at
Kilika	Yes, I suppose...
Kilika	I suppose you're right.
Kilika	...Say, Zin.

Dialogue then continues as the final version.


Location: The Maple Leaf Inn, Elmo Village. Dialogue is repeated in T3223 (Maple Leaf Inn at night).

Zin	An intelligence division in Calvard?
Zin	Really?
Ambassador Cochrane	It's going to be established quite soon, under
	the guidance of the president.
Ambassador Cochrane	It's become known as the Rocksmith Agency.
Zin	Hmm... Well, it's appropriate, at least.
Kilika	Then I presume the reason you're here...
Ambassador Cochrane	Likely so.
Ambassador Cochrane	The president would like you to join this new
	agency and work in, and for the good of, the
Ambassador Cochrane	You'll be given an important post, too.
Ambassador Cochrane	You've proven yourself to have spectacular
	information handling and analytical skills
	in your position at the guild...
Ambassador Cochrane	So I can hardly think of a more fitting place
	for you to put those skills to use.
Zin	Umm... Kilika...
Kilika	Don't worry. I'm listening.
Ambassador Cochrane	Haha. It's quite rare that you find it difficult
	to make quick judgments, but I suppose no one can
	fault you this time.
Ambassador Cochrane	I won't rush you. Take a night to think long and
	hard about it.
Ambassador Cochrane	I'll ask you for your answer again tomorrow.
Ambassador Cochrane	I'm looking forward to hearing it.
Kilika	...Thank you.
Kilika	I'll give it some thought.
Ambassador Cochrane	Well, a good night to you both.