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The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak II (英雄伝説 黎の軌跡Ⅱ -CRIMSON SiN-) is the twelfth installment in the main Trails series and second game of the Calvard arc, set in Calvard.

It was released on September 29, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.



The game takes place in the year S.1209. With the disappearance of the threat that was Almata, Calvard regained its former peace. One day, however, a special op squad of the Central Intelligence Division was found slaughtered in a corner of its capital, Edith. The massacre is investigated by the police department and Bracer Guild as underground organisations use the incident to get into action.

An unexpected visit to the Arkride Solutions Office puts Spriggan Van Arkride to the matter. As Van searches for the culprit behind the accident, Agnès Claudel continues her search for the eighth and last Genesis. The roar of a beast clad in crimson-black and an encounter with a boy and girl looking for something beckons them to a Trails inescapable.[1]


Septian Calendar, 1209.

After the threat of the mafia organization "Almata" has been dealt with, the Republic of Calvard has regained its former tranquility.

But one day... In a certain corner of the Capital City of Edith, an entire unit of the CID is slaugthered by someone in a weird incident.

The Calvard State Police Department and the Bracer Guild thus begin moving to put the situation under control. Feeling the chaos about to be unleashed, the forces of the underworld start acting in the shadows.

Meanwhile... "Spriggan" Van Arkride also begins moving after the visit of an unexpected person.

Who was the culprit of the massacre? What is their purpose? And what about Agnès, who searching for her great-grandfather's last legacy, the "Eighth Genesis"?

The Roar of the Beast clad in "Crimson Darkness" and the encounter with a boy and a girl in pursuit of "something"...

Shall lead them to an inevitable "Trail" of cause and effect.



そんなある日── 首都イーディスの片隅で、C I D(中央情報省)特殊部隊が何者かに惨殺されるという猟奇的な事件が発生する。

事態の収拾に向けて動き出すカルバード警察や遊撃士協会。 新たな騒乱の匂いを嗅ぎつけ、暗躍を始める裏社会の勢力。

そんな中── 『裏解決屋』(スプリガン)ヴァン・アークライドも 意外な人物の来訪をきっかけに調査に乗り出すこととなる。

惨殺事件を引き起こした人物は一体誰なのか? その目的とは? そして、曾祖父の最後の遺産、“第8のゲネシス”を探し求めるアニエスは──?

獣じみた“紅黎(あかぐろ)い”異形の咆吼と、 “何か”を追い求める少年少女との邂逅(かいこう)が、



Towa Herschel - SD (Sen II)
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Nihon Falcom announced Kuro no Kiseki II, alongside a The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails port for Nintendo Switch, on 16 December 2021.


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